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    Default iPod Docks in the rooms at CSA

    Hello, I have a Atrium room booked for our stay at CSA. I was wondering if the iPod dock has a radio. I have an iPod Shuffle 2nd generation that was given to me. I didn't come with a dock so I just us a USB and charge it through my computer. What kind of gizmo do I need to get to hook this up to the iPod dock at the resort and will it charge the shuffle? Does anyone recall the brand of dock at the resort so I can look up the manual and be sure I get the right connector. Thank you!

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    It has a standard Apple docking station connection; which means it will work directly with nearly any Apple appliance except the Shuffle. Any aftermarket adaptor that will provide a standard Apple docking plug connection for your Shuffle will do the trick, but if your really only trying to charge the thing, just find an aftermarket charger.

    The docking station adaptor SHOULD, however, also allow you to play your tunes through the appliance.

    Good luck!

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    The connector is a 1/8" male to male stereo plug that you can get a Radio Shack. They USUALLY have a molded green cover. It will NOT charge the iPod or any other MP3 player connected to it. And, yes, the unit in the rooms has a radio.
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    There is a USB port on the dock in the room. I'm not sure if it charges though. My mp.3 player uses old fashioned batteries.
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    I don't recall the name of the dock/radio we had in our room at CN but it was the style that inserts to the bottom of your Ipod. We didn't bring an Ipod so there was little interest. It did have a radio in it but my one complaint was that there is now NO CD player in the rooms. to play your locally purchased CD's

    I wish they left the old CD p[layer in the room.

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    I would play it safe and buy an outlet charger for it, they are only like $10, and all you have to do is plug it into the wall to charge it!

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    Not 100% sure but we did not see a space for a USB cable, just the slot for the Ipod to slip onto.. Maybe you could e-mail the resort direct with your question, I'm sure would will do everything then could to help you. Enjoy your stay in paradise..

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    I too wopuld like to know about this (sorry katgirl -- im not trying to hijack)

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    Will my iPhone fit into it?????

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. I am happy to know the iPod docks have a radio, now I won't have to pack my clock radio and will have a bit more room for other things!

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    Perhaps Randymon or Seandymon could get some info on this and post it.

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