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    Default Noooooo! Please tell me it's not true!

    So you may have remembered my last post that was asking if we should upgrade to a BFVS for our wedding and everyone convinced me (actually reassured me) that it is worth it. So I have been so excited and asking my travel agent for over a week what the upgrade cost would be. After the 3rd time asking for a status update he said that they are SOLD OUT! And not only are they sold out of the BFVS but they are also sold out of the BFS!!!!! I want to cry I am so disappointed

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    Hi gish24,

    I personally think we ALL make too much drama about the room selection. Before my first trip to CSA for our honeymoon in 2006, I obsessed about the room features because,... well.... that was something that was easy to see and figure out on the website. Since then, I've realized (at least for us) that the room selection is only a teensy tiny bit of the Couples experience. As we keep returning, we tend to pick the mid level rooms, like the Atriums at CSA for instance and try to extend our stay by a day or two with the savings. I don't think we are alone in our experience. I have noted in my decidedly unscientific studies of the matter, that many repeaters to CSA tend to pick OVS or Atriums as their first choice.

    I am not saying that the view from a BFVS balcony is not great. It is. It's just that Couples has so much more than just that particular view to offer ... that I begin to wonder if we're guilty of placing too much importance on just that one thing. Does this make sense?

    Anyhow... just go. After a day or two odds are that you'll be having too good of a time to care that you did not get a beachfront room.

    Jeff (& MB)

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    Sorry to hear that. I won't say I told you so, because I didn't... but one of the oft repeated pieces of advise here regarding upgrades is to NEVER expect that they will be given nor that they will be available; book your preferred accommodation to avoid disappointment.

    Now, depending on how far out you are from your visit, I would suggest that you ask your TA to keep checking... be SURE he has checked with Couples DIRECTLY!... Just like anywhere else, #@~% happens... and one of those suites might open up... or may, in fact already be available if the TA hasn't tried working DIRECTLY with Couples.

    Failing that, there are many wonderful levels of accommodation at Couples resorts. You may be quite surprise at how satisfied you'll be! If you haven't already done so, try checking into the availability of an Atrium Suite, which we find to be the quietest (and most romantic) rooms at SweptAway!

    Good luck!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    You mentioned in another post that you thought your parents were staying in a beachfront suite. Ask them if they'd be willing to trade if paid them for the difference, or ask them to trade as a wedding gift to you. Otherwise, just book a beachfront suite for your next trip to CSA (anniversary perhaps?). You know this trip will be the most special and memorable one yet, and there will hopefully be many more opportunities to stay in a beachfront suite (if you parents won't trade with you, that is).

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    Oh, Gish, I am sorry. Really, although I always tout how much we mlve the beachfront rooms, any room at CSA is wonderful. As you know, even the Garden rooms are only a short walk to the beach. You get all of the same wonderful service no matter what room you are in. Have your travel agent keep checking; since rooms are not paid in full until 45 days prior your stay, rooms very well may open up.

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    That is TERRIBLE :-(

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    Call Couples direct and see if they are really sold out. Don't trust your TA.

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    Your in paradise and you are Never in your room. It really will not matter. We had at BFS last week when we were there. It was nice but being so near the main path it was loud. When we return I am going to ask for the atrium they are pretty and more private. When you are so near the main path you have to close every wooden slate on the window so that people can't see you. Don't stress over something that really isn't that important.

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    Disappointed? I surely hope not. Heck you're going to a wonderful resort with tons of things to do besides walking out on your verandah to catch a view of the ocean. You might have even been given a second floor room and your view would have been blocked by the foliage. Spending the extra money and being treated to that view would have been really disappointing. We stayed in a second floor Ocean Verandah Suite with zero view of the ocean/beach. We were in our room to sleep, shower and change for dinner and had the time of our lives. Go with an open mind and you will enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    Thank you for your posts. Of course our wedding would not be ruined by not getting the BFVS...we love the GVS but just wanted to upgrade for this special trip. I did call Couples directly and they said that they are only booked solid for one night of our stay which really stinks But I did ask about the BFS and they said thay had some available. After a little fighting with my TA he finally called them direct and secured our room. Thank you all for your advice and support

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    gish24 -

    Glad you were able to work things out! Next time, though, I'd look for a different TA... you shouldn't have to wrestle them to do what you want... you are the customer.

    Enjoy your special time!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    way to hang in there and get what you wanted. As others have said, even if you hadn't, you would have enjoyed it. Hope the wedding goes well, and good luck!

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    We have been to all the Couples resorts and some many times. We would stay in a cardboard box on any of their beaches for a week and not be

    Don't fret the rooms enjoy mon

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