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    Default Will my husband starve?

    Hi all, I've been reading the message board for a couple of months now. Have reservation at CTI december 5-12. This is the first time for us to travel anywhere outside the US. Pretty nervous about it but excited at the same time. All the great people on here have me even more excited about coming to couples. Now the real question: My husband only eats hamburger, ham and lobster. Honestly!! He is very picky. Will he starve for the week we are there? I'm really concerned about him. Thanks for any info you can offer. By the way, we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.

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    If your husband easts only Hamburgers, Ham and Lobsters he will find many choices of those 3 at many of the restaurants and the snack bars @ CTI.

    You cannot go to a Couples resort and starve!

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    The pool grill serves awesome burgers and they open at 10:00, close during the dinner hours, and reopen at 9 p.m. (?) approx and stay open until 5 a.m. They often have ham on the breakfast bar carving station. Lobster night is on either Friday or Saturday, can't remember. Also if he asks at the Verandah or 8 Rivers, he can probably get a burger there also. They are pretty accommodating. My hubby claims that he has had the best steak at 8 Rivers. Another thing, if it's the sauce on something that he doesn't want, just have him tell the server. My husband doesn't like sauces and they have been fine with that.

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    Plenty of those options, and plenty of food. No one starves at Couples. So,much food.
    But, heres the good thing, its an opportunity for him to try new things. If he doesnt like them, then its no big deal, he can get something else.

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    Do you mean just hamburger or beef? There isn't any of those things during the morning so hopefully he does eat normal breakfast foods as there are plenty of those. In the afternoon the beach grill will have hamburgers. At night there will not be a hamburger on the menu, but you could always ask the chef to make one for him. Otherwise there is always a beef dish option and the steaks are fabulous. You might see if he would branch out a little and if he doesn't like something he can always send it back and order something else. Plus there are buffets every night where he could try just a bite of stuff.
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    He won't starve. And congrats on the big 25. We just celebrated ours at CTI as well.

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    no fruit? No veggies? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Wait til he gets Jamaican pattie (sp?) mmmmmmmmmmmm Tell him it's a burger

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    He will not starve, he will probably put on 5 extra pounds for the week, like many of us do. The food is just wonderful, and its non stop, as are the drinks, activities, and entertainment.

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    Default Hamburgers, Ham, & Lobster

    The grill at CTI has the best burgers! I believe they are open all night or at least well into it...Ham is served w/ the egg station in the am (not one of my favs so I'm not sure if it's at the buffet), & there is always 1 lobster night...He will not go hungry, and he may even try something new! If he really doesn't eat, the drinks are 2 die for!

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    If he eats ham, he must also eat pork...

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    Oh that is such a relief. Thank you !!

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    It is impossible to go to any Couples and starve.
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    I am a really picky eater as well and my hubby and I just got back from csa last week. Never been to cti but I had no problems at the resturants finding food. I made it a point to try some new things and old things and actually ate too much food!

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    Thanks for the reassuring words. Now I totally can't wait until December. My husband will be well taken care of.


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    My wife was very picky also and I had to force her to try new things. I was shocked by what she tried and liked. We both agreed that the burgers were great though so at least he can fall back on that.

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