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    Default CSA Beach Question

    Is the 7-mile beach very soft or is it such that my wife and I can go for an early morning run? The pictures that I've seen show what appears to be very soft sand that might not be ideal for running.

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    We just got back from CSA and the sand on seven-mile beach is perfect for running or walking. No worries!

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    Down by the water is great for running or walking but be careful of the boats, jet skis, etc. anchored along the beach.

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    If you are serious about running on the beach, yes it is very runnable. Most of the sand is as you said, soft and difficult to run on. But if you run just above the surf line, where the sand is damp and compacted by the water, it is fine for running. This is not difficult to do at all, but you need to watch where you are stepping a bit or you will get wet. If fact, if you run the beach you will most likely get wet feet and shoes. I suggest not wearing new shoes for this reason, and where some low cut sox to protect from getting blisters from the wet shoes.

    I love running the beach at CSA in the morning. I try to get out just after sun up, while it is still relatively cool. Run to the south, walk out to the beach and turn left, and you can run about 3 miles one-way down the beach till it gets to the river, or near there anyway. You will see many of the Jamaican folks starting out their day along the beach. You will detect the scents various kinds of breakfasts cooking, the sea air and the distinctive aroma of starting the day Rastafarian style. It is a wonderful slice of the Jamaican culture that far to many tourists never experience. It's all good.

    Enjoy your trip, you will love Jamaica and CSA!

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    The sand is soft, but I saw people running down by the water where the sand is harder and more packed down.

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    Thanks all for the info. dirtleg - My wife and I plan to do just that ... run early morning just after sun up. Can't wait, we leave in 8 days.

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    Is the beach safe enough to run alone early in the morning?

    only 2 days to go!!!

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    Yes, you are safe!

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    I think the beach is quite safe in the morning, for running or what ever. However, I would not wander the beach beyond the CSA limits at night, unescorted. Just use common sense, you will be fine.

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    PERFECT for running! What an amazing feeling to run that beach in the morning! It was wonderful!

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