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    We are thinking of going to CN for 2010. This will be our first trip to CN but not to Couples. We have been to CSA twice and CTI twice...gonna make three this October!! We wanted to try out a new Couples so we are thinking of CN...

    What room category would you suggest? We love CTI because of the view of the Ocean View rooms. Do you have that at CN? When I look at the Ocean View or Beachfront rooms it doesn't look like a complete view of the ocean. Any suggestions on rooms? I would hate to book an ocean view and not be able to see it clearly. If anyone has any pics of their rooms that would be great too. Also, do all rooms have mini bars in it?


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    Due to the layout of CN you really don't have full ocean views.
    CTI, CSS and CSA are all designed facing the ocean. CN is designed in a horseshoe like fashion.

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    Probably the best building for a full ocean front or beach frontage would be building #6 and even then you are not looking right out to the ocean.

    Attachment 812

    We have had Garden rooms and a Garden suite and have always found the best view of the ocean or beach is standing right at the waters edge. We really have never worried about what room as long as we were at CN.

    If having a full face on view of the ocean or beach is your main concern I would carefully view the layout design of the resort.

    All rooms are now equiped with mini bars.
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    I stayed in room 6101, beachfront suite and loved it. Although the patio wasn't "ocean front", it was right on the sand and when I opened my eyes each morning I could see the fabulous beach from my window. The hammock also faces the water. I felt like we couldn't be any closer to the water if our room was built on top of it! In the above picture it's the 1st floor room closest to the water. So close to everything. We never really walked anywhere! Wherever you sleep you'll still be in Jamaica!!!

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