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    Default Just returned from CSS 4/23/2010

    It was great!!!!

    This is the most beautiful of the 3 Couples we have been to. The waterfalls, gardens, bridges, and the stairs, and the stairs and the stairs. We are in better shape than when we arrived there.

    We were there for 8 nights so we wouldn't miss anything.

    The repeaters dinner was outstanding. Meeting the Managers and staff was great. The dinner and wine was well done. There were people there for the 12th time. Thought our 3 times was a lot.

    The Starlight Gala was out standing and well stocked with marvelous food and drinks. The lights in the trees and the moon overhead made it very romantic.

    We played golf for 4 days and met some wonderful people from other resorts there. We had the best stories about our experiences. They were not as enthused about their resorts as we were.

    The Mystic Mountain excursion was well worth the effort. We were picked up promptly and delivered to the entrance by Gary, our guide. There were other stops along the way to get other tourists. At the mountain we did the Bobsled, chair lift and zip line. This was better than the Chukka tour on our last trip. Be sure you get back to the bus on time. The driver waited a few minutes for stragglers but left without someone from another resort when they were more than 15 minutes late. Be on time for the best experience.

    The SSB beach was not heavily attended but just enough people to mingle if you wanted.

    When you go to the better restaurants ask for the wine list. While the house wine is very decent, there are wines offered for an additional cost that are worth the price. I'm surprised they don't offer the list more often.

    We got a bathing suit wet when we ventured over to the mineral bath pool. It was a nice change of pace.

    The resort was 98% full but it seamed like 40%. There are so many hideaways, pools, tubs and hammocks, everyone can get quite spread out. For my Bride and I it was perfect.

    At the main beach my Bride and I knew we spotted Tommy and Peggy but didn't say anything. They were very out-going and having a lot of fun. Later that night we saw them in the Balloon Bar and introduced ourselves. It WASN'T them. They 'said' they were in their room. Oh, well,,,,,,

    The Beach Party was very good, from the suckling pig to the curried goat. Jerk and all the other meats you could want.
    The entertainment was very well done. Can't imagine some of the acts. You had to be there.
    Somewhere during the party our emcee asked Tommy and Peggy to wave hello. No one stood up. I think Tommywommy and Peggyweggy are just a myth. (I say that in jest).

    All in all it was fantastic.

    Pierre has a restored red MG that he had parked out front one afternoon. I tried to get the keys so I could put the car in my suitcase but he would not give them up.

    We'll see you again in Jamaica.
    Bill & Karen, San Antonio, TX, Been to CTI and CN.
    Been to Jamaica 5 times including CTI & CN before our trip scheduled for April 14-22, 2010 to CSS.
    We renewed our vows on our 25th anniversary in Jamaica.

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    Awesome review. Thanks.

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    Nice review dang I'm home sick now!
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    We just returned from CSS on the 18th and agree with you wholeheartedly! It is an absolutely stunning resort. We had a penthouse suite and I have my legs are definitely in better shape than when we arrived. The wine list does offer some nicer selections.
    We actually ran into Tommywommy when we were at the Couples Lounge and he was on his way to CSA first. We did see him at CSS right before we left.

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    Chefbill...Peggy and I are leaving CSS shortly..We had an outstanding trip and met an waful lot of guests.Hope you meet you and yours one day.

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    We are so looking forward to being there in October.

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    A couple more thoughts:
    I was surprised by the number of people who smoke cigarettes.

    Also surprised by the number of people texting, and the duration, even through their meals.
    Bill & Karen, San Antonio, TX, Been to CTI and CN.
    Been to Jamaica 5 times including CTI & CN before our trip scheduled for April 14-22, 2010 to CSS.
    We renewed our vows on our 25th anniversary in Jamaica.

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    Default Another great trip to CSS

    My wife and I just returned from CSS on April 22nd spending our 28th anniversary at the resort. This was our 3rd trip to Couples and our second to CSS. The seven days that we spent at CSS were fantastic. We spent most of our days at Sunset Beach enjoying the sun. We met the US Ambassador to CSS (Tommywommy) and his lovely wife Peggy along with many other folks that we now call friends.

    In all my years of travel, I don't think that I have ever been to another place that makes you feel at home and part of a family as CSS. I credit Pierre with assembling a great team, focused on taking care of the guest. It's no surprise to hear of the awards that have been won by CSS. Great Job Pierre!

    I've been back to work two days... I started planning our next trip to CSS today and look forward to celebrating New Years Eve on Sunset Beach!

    Eric & Teresa Clarke
    Drexel, North Carolina

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