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    Default Trouble finding prices for top-notch rooms at CSS

    I've looked both at the Couples reservation link and cannot get a quote for the penthouse rooms or the Hibiscus Cottage. Are these rooms available to the general public or reserved for owners, etc. Maybe they're just not available during the time I'm interested in Not sure I could even afford them but I'm curious. If we were to return to celebrate SO's retirement I may consider splurging for the special occasion.

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    If during a specific time it does not show the Penthouse Suites or Hibisicus Cottage availavle it usually means that they are sold out.
    There are 11 Penthouse suites and 1 Hibiscus Cottage

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    We have the Hibiscus Cottage booked for this August. I had to call the Couples 800 number as you cannot book this on-line. Assume it is the same for the penthouses.


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    We have dates in August when we would like to be in the penthouse, as well. Two weeks after we want to go, the penthouse choice shows up to book ?? Tho earlier, a month or so ago, it showed the penthouse... :dunno: Guess I'll have to get hubby to call :crossesfingers:

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