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    Default Pay to go AN or part of room price?

    I have chosen to go to go to CSS thanks to advice from everyone, so my next question is do you have to pay to go AN or is it included in the room prices. We are planning in staying in the Penthouse suite so I hope it includes the good beach. Thanks for the advice again.


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    Going to the AN beach is included at no charge.

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    Nope, ALL INCLUSIVE at Couples means just that, ALL INCLUSIVE! There are no "day pass" fees for Sunset Beach!!

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    Couples is not like the resort in Run away bay. It is all included, no extra charges ever except for the spa.
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for info. I thought I read somewhere you had to stay in certain rooms for the beach but guess I was wrong. Thanks again...

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    If they charged an admission fee, where would you put your change?
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    You may be confused either with the place in Run Away that is NOT a Couples resorts and charges a day fee for their beach or you have to stay in the rooms that are on the AN beach OR there is a block of rooms at CN that face the AN beach, but you don't have to stay in them to use the AN Beach. Also at CSS, SSB is located around the point so you have to walk to that beach. Their are no rooms on SSB.

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    I love your post Pamela. Thanks for the laugh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    If they charged an admission fee, where would you put your change?
    Classic! Just Classic!!! LMAO!!!!!!
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    We should make that into a mastercard commercial...

    Airline tickets to Jamaica. $400 on your mastercard
    Stay at CTI. $800 on your mastercard
    Your once in a lifetime trip to a nude beach $18.47(show someone handing over a twenty)
    Figuring out what to do with the change...Priceless

    Sometimes life catches us by suprise, but for everything else..there is mastercard
    (please note prices do not reflect actual prices and this advertisement is not yet endorsed by Couples Resorts)

    Sounded better in my head, but I still LMAO thinking about it. BRAVO

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    Too funny !!

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