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    I was under the impression the people in swim suits were not aloud.So where are the gawkers coming from?

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    At Couples Negril the AN beach is fenced off but the space from the end of the fence to the water is not. So you do get people who are walking along the waters edge that pass the AN beach. They will look or look but pretend not to. But the AN beach is deep so you dont have to sit right up close to the edge. If I did this right there should be a pic of the AN beach and you will see what I am trying to describe.
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    If you are speaking of CN the beach is open to the public to walk by. Security does a good job keeping the people moving and from bothering the AN guests. CTI is an island and SSB is a private beach.

    Every now and then you have those who stop and stare and make comments but the majority are respectful and ignore you.

    If you are concerned about gawkers staring at you simply don't sit towards the front. Our favorite spot is under the Sea Grape tree but if you want to hide sit behind it and you are somewhat hidden from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn View Post
    I was under the impression the people in swim suits were not aloud.So where are the gawkers coming from?

    Hi Jenn, You're right. People in swimsuits are not allowed in the AN area... at least, they have to remove their clothes once they arrive and get settled.

    The only place you may experience some gawkers is at Couples Negril(CN). At CN, the beach is public, so along the front portion of the AN beach you get people walking by who may try to catch a glimpse of the AN beach crew. But the beach is deep so you can sit back fromt eh water and be essentially out of view of any gawkers.

    CSS and CTI are completely separate AN areas so gawkers are a very rare occurrence.


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    Jenn, at CN, the beach area all along the edge of the ocean is public, and everyone can walk along there, even those who are staying at the adjacent resorts. So, while the AN area of CN is surrounded by hedges for privacy, that area along the ocean is subject to clothed passers-by. Of those walking by, some will take a look towards the nude area, ranging from a quick glance to all-out staring (i.e. "gawkers"). Review the thread called, "What you see on CN's nude beach Part 2". That will give you a good indication of what you might expect.

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    Thanks for the plug jamaican_junkie

    I may take pictures of those walking by and capture that right moment as they sneak a peek into the nude section but there is a great deal of RESPECT that is given.

    Many of us are comfortable with nude sunbathing and care less who sneaks that peek or who is watching as we walk down to the ocean.

    There is plenty of areas to situate yourselves for that privacy that you need...

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    Thanks for the pic and all the info! We are staying at CN at the end of June and we thought it was a private island like CTI. We'll be the one's hiding behind the tree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn View Post
    ... We'll be the one's hiding behind the tree!
    Maybe at first but probably not for long. You may be surprised how quickly you become comfortable being AN in this area. I'm sure it won't be long before you find yourself scooping up a floatie and making your way in the beautiful waters of Bloody Bay.

    How we envy your visit!!! 327 days until we're home at CN!!!


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    It isn't a private beach nor an island. I think once you get use to it you will feel confident with yourself and it won't matter. You are afterall there with your loved one and no one else matters.

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