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    Default can't wait.....6 days left

    Not sure where everyone is. Maybe its my imagination but there doesnt seem to be as many people posting on board as there was last year. But anyway...I have 6 days left before I head to paradise. We are leaving next Saturday for Jamaica. We will be heading for CSS first (our 1st visit there). Will be there May 29 through June 3. Then we are transferring over the CN for 5 more days (June 3-8). Can't wait to meet all of you on SSB and the AN at CN. I've already started packing.

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    We will be arriving on Thursday and hoping to be on SSB by 2pm!

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    Wish we could join you guys! Too much too take care of around the homestead this year! Just order up a Vodka & Ting on the 4th and we'll have an anniversary drink with you guys! Missing my seagrapes tree! Enjoy!!

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    Melissa and Jason, look forward to seeing you. Hold us a spot @ SSB.

    Tom, Vodka & Ting on the 4th? My pleasure. Wish you guys could make it, but sometimes like happens. Please tell Lori we said HI! and I'll miss her laugh.


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    Tom & Lori.....Ricky and I will miss you guys. To bad the 2 of you wont be there. But like Ricky said ...we'll be under your seagrape tree drinking a
    Vodka & Ting on the 4th thinking about the 2 of you.

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