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    Hey everyone,

    We'll be back at CSA in May '10, and I can't remember all the people we need to tip and how much. It's been over a year since we first fell in love with Couples, and I must be gettin' old because I just can't remember all the tips we ended up doling out. We're just trying to plan & budget for our trip.

    PS I tried searching on the new MB, but it only searches the new MB threads, and the search function on the old board has been disabled, so I really am stuck on this one. Thanks!!

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    We tip the luggage porters at the airport $1 per bag, the shuttle driver as he gets us to paradise in one piece $10 dollars pp and spa employees the same as you would at home,cat cruise staff we usually put a $5 in the tip jar.Have a GREAT time.

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    I would also like to know. The last time we went with a few other people we tipped a few different people and they people we went with never tipped becasue they thought it was against the rules.
    So yes who should we tip and how much???

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    Tipping is against the rules at the resort but be prepared to tip:

    Porters at the airport - $1 per bag is standard
    Bus drivers - depending on the person we haved tipped anywhere from $5 - $20. Once we had a driver that never said a word or would even talk with us so we only gave him $5.
    Any tour guides with outside tours - we usually do $5-$10
    Catamaran staff - I would guess we usualy give $10 or so. Depends on how often we go to the bar
    Spa Staff - same as here at home. Just remember to tip on the full amount even if part is included.

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    We tip the luggage handler $5, the shuttle driver $10, the spa employee gets $10 or $20 depending on how long the treatment is. And don't forget to bring money for tips for the Dunns River Falls, Horseback riding and Cat cruise excursions.

    One thing I'm still not clear on... do you tip the bartenders in the Couples lounge at the airport?

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    Sportygal has it covered. Unless you leave the resort, there is no need to carry around tippin' money. The ONLY other exception I can think of is if you choose to "tip" the musicians who wander the beach, and will be happy to serenade you as you enjoy the sand and sun.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    You should tip all non-Couples employees. Included in this list are:

    Baggage handlers at the airport (typically $1 US per bag)
    Driver to and from resort (varies...I have heard $5 per couple to $10 per person each way)
    Spa (I think standard is 15% of your "bill")
    Catamaran Cruise (whatever you feel bring extra dollar bills to make the divers jump!)

    If you choose to take excursions or leave the resort, you should be prepared to tip cab drivers, tour guides, etc.

    Hope this helps!

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    theyamons, the bartenders at the airport are Couples employees also so no tipping!

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    Also, like Chris said,there are musicians and vendors that roam the beach at the waters edge and sometimes have some cool things so we usually have some cash for shopping,ENJOY!

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    We just returned from Couples and was surprised to find out from the Manager's assistant (I think) that we were not supposed to tip the spa personnel. Of course, I had already done so because I had read that in the past.

    So now I'm a bit confused. Is there anyone that can confirm the tipping of the spa personnel? Let us hear this from someone who works there.

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    From the FAQ section of the main Couples site:

    "What is tipping policy?

    Couples Resorts has a strict NO TIPPING policy. Gratuities are already included in your room price and are distributed among all employees. Our staff is trained and required not to request, accept or expect tips since non-tipping is an essential part of the all-inclusive experience. Please do not think that you need to tip to get great service.

    We sincerely appreciate your desire to reward our employees for their great service but ask that you please refrain from giving them monetary gifts. Acceptance of cash tips could cost staff to lose their jobs.

    There are some situations where tipping may apply during your travels or where you may wish to express your gratitude.

    • For Montego Bay airport luggage handlers, bus transfer drivers, and all off-site excursions (included and extras) tips are expected. However this does not include our Couples airport lounge staff.
    • SPA and salon personnel – tipping is discretionary (not mandatory)
    • Photographers are outside contracted services and tipping is at your discretion.
    • Weddings: you can tip the minister but the tip is not expected. Wedding coordinators are Couples Resorts employees and tipping is not permitted.
    • Couples Resorts supports many local charities, schools, orphanages and hospitals. You may wish to bring some gifts for them but you should declare them at the customs and you should be prepared to pay duties on those items.
    • You may choose upon departure to leave some small gifts for staff at the check out desk or in your room; please include a memo stating that this is a gift if you do so.
    • Do you want to really help staff members who have particularly impressed you? When departing please fill out our questionnaire where you will find a place to name your favorite employees. We highly regard these nominations when considering staff rewards and promotions."
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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