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Thread: February 2011

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    Default February 2011

    Just to leteveryone know we already have our vacation set aside and scheduled.

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    Default WooHoo!

    Hi Kevin! You really did it huh! You booked! We have booked as well.. We will b e there 2/11/11-2/19/11. Looking at air right now. See real cheap flights on Air Jamaica, great times, but they have been having issues. Looking forward to seeing you! Here's to INWSD 2/17/2011

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    We are 2-12 - 19, 2011. We are still trying to get a good price as well.

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    Reservations are all made and down payment in.

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    Default can not wait

    We are booked feb6 for about 12 days. Just to let you guys know there may be a wedding and guests required....................

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    Hey there everyone! We are now booked for our 5th stay at Couples. 3 at Swept Away, 1 at Sans Souci and now our first trip to Tower Isle. Cant wait till the end of February but I guess I have no choice. We will be there Feb 23rd to March 4th. Cant wait to go diving again off of Ocho Rios.

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    martinandanne, we will be there 2/11-2/19, we can be guests at a wedding.. Our anniversary is 2/16... See you there!

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    Wedding sounds fantastic. Consider us on the guest list.

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    Hey Kevin, how are things, guess what only 130 days til Jamaica..

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    We have booked! We just couldn't stand the thought of missing the chance to see everybody again... and with word of a potential wedding, we bit the bullet and booked for a quick trip. Feb 13-17th. We will actually arrive in Jamaica on the 12th, stay in Montego bay and then catch the couples bus early on the 13th to enjoy a full day at CTI. We will be there before the island opens! This will be a short but sweet vacation! Can't wait!!!!

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    Our pool is closed, there is starting to be a nip in the air and the holidays are right around the corner. I'm thinking Feb soon come.
    Go HUSKERS!!!

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    If I did the math right it is 131 days to go for us.

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    We would love to make it we had such a blast with you guys. Don't know if we can but we'll try. Cleat&Cami

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    Just do it, write a check, you'll make more.

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    Feb. 27th to Mar. 4. You do the math.
    Still to far away for me to care about the actual number of days until we're back. Although, its nice to know (and to dream of) that "one day" we will be there and glad to be "home" again.

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    Hey iscubanow47 we arrive the day before you and with muy online countdown we are looking at 143 days so only 1 more for you.
    See you there Dave and Chell

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    Well Dave and Chell, Thanks so much for plastering that huge number up there for me to now think about! Now Ill start thinking its taking forever for that number to be even in the double digits let alone the single digits! You see, I was perfectly happy not really knowing just how long it is till paradise. But you did, and now I did, so I'll just close my eyes and make believe I'm back on island...again...and again...and again! See you there! Jeff & Susan

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    Hey Jeff & Susan, we have been on countdown from 1 year exactly and it is flying by, it's not as long as it seems. Will be our 1st visit to Jamaica and Couples so can't wait. Look forwardto meeting you there. Dave and Chell

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    Default Yoga anyone?

    My husband and I will be there Feb 6 to 13. I'm the visiting yoga instructor that week. Have some cool couples classes and regular yoga planned. Hope to see you there!

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    Dave and Chell, You will absolutely love Couples! As I originally posted this is our 5th time. Are either of you divers? Looking forward to meeting you both. I'll buy the first drink at the swimup bar. Aww heck I'll buy the whole group at the bar a drink!

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    Hi Jeff & Susan,
    I have dived once but Chell hasn't. I am looking at getting certified in the UK before I come out this year as the one experience I had I loved. not sure if time or cash will allow though. If not I am thinking about doing the resort course and certifying whilst in Jamaica but this will mean Chell is on her own for a good length of time as she will not dive, not sure if this is fair despite her saying to do it and it was one of the original plans for this holiday as it is my 40th and this was going to be my present.
    Can't wait for that 1st drink and that 1st round on you guys, I'll get the next 1 in although it may be on the beach as this is the preferred destination during the day for us. Looking forward to battering the Appletons as I do enjoy good rum.
    Look forward to meeting you in 137 days, (lol), take care and see you there, Dave

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    I just realized that I misrepresented the dates of our stay. We really get to CTI on Feb 23rd to Mar 4.

    Quote Originally Posted by iscubanow47 View Post
    Feb. 27th to Mar. 4. You do the math.
    Still to far away for me to care about the actual number of days until we're back. Although, its nice to know (and to dream of) that "one day" we will be there and glad to be "home" again.

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    DaveandChell, I am sure Chell will be perfectly happy and well attended if she is anywhere near my wife (and our friends that vacation with us every year)when you are 60 to 80 feet below sea level. My wife is one of the most social beings in the world. Chell will have a blast without you! No offense.

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    That's OK if she will be having a blast I might be able to go off and play even more then! See you soon.

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    It is 111 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
    Or 3 months, 19 days including the end date.

    Can't wait to break the 100's.

    BTW good date calculator at
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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