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    Default which resort is more luxurious?CN or CSA

    I know it is hard and just an opinion but which resort is concidered more luxurious out of the 2 negril resorts. We have stayed at css which is concidered by many to be the most romantic, We did enjoy our stay there.
    I do prefer a really nice room.That is why i am asking. We are booked into a garden suite at cn but will switch to swept away if a nicer resort. thanks
    Sans Souci 2009
    Couples Negril Nov 2010
    Swept Away November 2011

    Couples tower island December 2012

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    Honestly, I don't think EITHER resort would be considered "luxurious." CN is more bohemian and eclectic. CSA is more tropical and rustic. If CN called to you, I would stay there. I understand the Suites at CN are quite nice, although, the most "luxurious" room may be the CSA Greathouse Jacuzzi Suite. Brand New, huge bathroom, and lovely view of the ocean.

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    Neither resort is luxurious. Both are rustic resorts on fantastic stretches of beach.
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    Vee & Pam are correct... the amenities at either are far beyond adequate... but I don't think either would be considered (on the whole) to be "luxurious", although the spa at SweptAway IS an island of luxury on an otherwise fantastic resort.

    In our opinion, Couples has scored a double "WOW" in these two locations... great views, fantastic beaches, and hey... it IS Negril!

    Luxury? Depends on what you mean...

    Good luck!

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    The Greathouse Jacuzzi Suites at Swept Away are very nice - probably the most "luxurious" room at either resort. There are only 4, and they have great views.

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    Each person has their own perception of luxury.

    Personally I enjoy just having that little piece of heaven.

    Define luxury?
    Glittering chandeliers? Sparkling brass fixtures?

    At Couples you will find rustic tropical settings.

    Will you like your Garden Suite at CN? We had room 8207 and very much enjoyed it. Will you? Only you can tell.

    If you are so concerned about which one you will like or dislike try a split and try both.

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    I agree that neither of the resorts are luxurious, but then when I think of luxurious I think of marble and granite. You will find none at any of that Couples resorts. (Thank God!)

    Couples design style is Jamaican. They want you to feel like you have been to Jamaica when you stay at their resorts. They aren't trying to make it feel like the Taj Mahal.

    Couples has created a relaxed beach theme at each of their resorts.

    If you are looking for marble, granite and glitz, then you are looking at the wrong chain of resorts. And if that is your intent, then I suggest you look elsewhere as you will only be upset with what the resorts have to offer.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    Neither resort is luxurious. Both are rustic resorts on fantastic stretches of beach.
    I completely agree! If luxury to you means marble and fine furnishings as well as spiffy bathrooms, you will not find that at either resort.

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    The rooms at CN are like none I have ever stayed in. They feel very Jamaicaan and rustic but that's why I love them. They are not a cookie cutter room from a chain hotel. They are not glamorous but you get a good feeling when you are in them. The bed is low to the ground and very comfortable. You will LOVE the suites.

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    The rooms at CSA are the same way, nothing I have ever been in before not cookie cutter at all, but rustic jamaican vibe. THE BEST!
    Erika & Sean

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    I would not define either CN or CSA as luxurious. Probably the most upscale room, as others have said, is the Greathouse Jacuzzi Suite at CSA. Certainly none of the rooms have marble, brass fixtures, or for heavens sake, butler service. However, the rooms are very comfortable. We love it like that! We've been to resorts in DR and Mexico that have four poster beds, and original artwork in the rooms. They're very nice, but we have found Couples to be special.

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    My fiance and I chose CN over CSA because it was smaller and more it totally depends on what type of trip you are looking for

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