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    Default May2-7

    My wife and I will be at CN May 2-7. Our first trip to Jamaica. We can hardly wait? Who else will be there?

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    Hi BandN,

    We will see you there. Our trip is form 1st to 15th. We have a photo thread going named "end of april beginning of may picture thread"
    Please have a look and you will see some faces to say hi to when you arrive.
    Have a great time

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    My husband and I will be there April 28-May 5th. I think it will be our 7th or 8th visit. You will love it. I'm getting excited now that it is less than a week until we leave!

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    Trent & Tracy from IL. It's our first time too! May 5th - May 10th... only 11more days to go!

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    My wife and I are also newbies heading to CN from May 1-8. This is going to be an awesome 10th wedding anniversary adventure for us-our first trip away since we started a family.

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    Default one week

    looking forward to meeting everyone. This is our first trip alone other than a bear hunt a year ago. Not the most romantic. Safe travels everyone. See you in a week.

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    Default Moline??

    Hey sungoddess, my wife grew up in Galesburg. Last name was Fross back then.

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    We are looking forward to CN, heading there May 1-8. 4th time to couples, first time to CN.


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    We will be there May 3-11 for our honeymoon. See you there for lots of fun in the sun!!

    Miranda and Tim
    Fresno, CA and Newton, NC

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    Default Excited!

    Hello everyone! My fiance and i will be arriving at couples negril on may 2. We are getting married on may 5th. We both are looking forward to meeting other couples to have fun with. This is our first time in jamaica and im sure it won't be our last. We will be in jamaica until may 9th. Hope to meet you soon!

    Al and tosha

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    Hey there, We will be there May 2-8th for our honeymoon, we are getting married on May 1st.

    Scott and Angela

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    At CN May 1-8; 3rd time to CN; can't wait...

    dave and lee.

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    We will be there May 2-8th, 2.5 days and counting


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    Hi Scott and Angela! Congrats on your marriage! I hope we get to meet and hang out! We are both very excited and can't wait.

    Al and Tosha

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    We will also be arriving on May 2nd. 2 more days to go! Cassi is this your first time visiting CN? Does anyone know if there are good places to shop? Also fore anyone who's not a first timer at CN, Have you been to Rick's Cafe'? If so, is it a nice place?

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