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    Going to CTI in July and wondering if they have a great disco. I was there 6 years ago, before the makeover and "back in those days" there was a little piano bar and a house band that didn’t play reggae(weird huh)
    Anyway, I heard there is a disco now, and I am ready to start practicing my steps, But, I need to know if I am going to get a chance to use them.


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    We've been to CTI 3 times (the most recent being Jan. 2010) and there has always been a piano bar but never a Disco

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    When we were there (2007 & 2008) they had "disco night" where they turned Bayside into a disco. Not sure if this still happens or not but it was fun!!

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    The Hubs and I went for our Honeymoon last April (after the renovations) and there was no disco We really wished there would have been a place to dance. Either way we had a great time adn we are planning to return for New Years!!

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    The only resort that has a disco is CSA. Once the Piano bar stuff has finished get the barman to put some music on and dance away. That's what we did last year.

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    I think the new disco you are thinking about is at CSA. CTI does not have a disco. Just the same piano bar and the house band. And they still don't play raggae.
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    We were there at Christmas and most nights the Band played dance music at the Patio - after dinner

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    You're probably hearing about the disco at SweptAway's Aura Lounge... DJ there spins from 11pm -???

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    Thanks Charmo, Guess I will leave my dancing shoes, and bring my wheelchair LOL

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    While there was no "disco" room, we had a fantastic time dancing to the house DJ one night at the Patio. They more or less turn it into a Disco after dinner, and play some great music. Have fun.

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    Looking at the daily schedule of activities, most nights at CTI there is "disco" listed.

    Sunday: 11:00 PM Patio Disco
    Monday: 11:00 PM Patio Disco
    Tuesday: 11:00 PM Disco
    Wednesday: 11:00 PM Disco
    Thursday: 11:00 PM Disco
    Saturday: 12:00 AM Disco

    So, I would say...put on your boogie shoes and practice your dance steps!!

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    Thanks guys for the great responses and music lineup ! I am going to bring my dancing shoes, and make a party if one ain't started LOL

    Thanks !!

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