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    Default Im Sooo Excited!!!

    Hello to all those Wedding goers!

    I am so excited to be getting married at Couples San Souci on July 1st 2010 in the Gazebo. I had a few questions if yall could help me out.

    1st) We chose to get married at 10:00am for heat reasons, has anyone been married around that time and can shed a little bit of light on there situation?

    2nd) I made my hair/make up appointment on site at 8:00 am, is that enough time and how was anyones experience with the onsite salon there?

    Any advice or recommendations would be awesome!!

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    Congrats on you upcoming wedding. We were married at CSA so I'll be speaking from the other side of the island! I think you picked the best time because everything is much fresher in the morning and if it rains, it's usually in the afternoon. As for the heat, we were married at 11 and it was already warm and getting hot!!! I would keep the same time if I had to do it again. It rained that afternoon for abour 60-90 minutes. My hair and makeup was also done at the salon. I think my appointment was for 9am so that sounds right.

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    Congratulations. I am getting married at CSS July 8,2011.

    I cant answer your questions but I do know that some brides with 10 a.m. wedding time are getting hair reservations earlier like 730, they emailed Debbie and she was able to arrange this for them.

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    I was married at CN in March. Our ceremony was at 10am and I had my hair appt. at the salon at 8am. I have long, thick straight hair that I washed and put product in the night before.

    The stylist at the salon first ran a blowdryer with a comb attachment through my hair to prepare it, curled and sprayed all of my hair, and then pinned back one side with a flower. The entire style took about 45 minutes. Since I had done my makeup myself before my hairstyle, by the time I got back to the room just before 9am, I had an entire hour to nervously wait. I have read other postings where girls have had long hair styled into updos and also had their makeup done at the salon, and their appts. usually only took an hour in total. I really think that you will be fine with an 8am appt.

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    We just got married at CSS last week. I would recommend a morning wedding in July as I understand it is much warmer then. It was in the upper 80s and partly cloudy when we were married. I honestly cannot imagine getting married in the afternoon in July.
    That being said, Tessa did my hair and we were talking about all the wedding hairdo's the does. She'll arrive at 8am to do hair for 10am weddings. If you do this be sure and tip her as that is earlier than her normal time and she'll still be there till 6pm no matter what. She did a lovely job on my hair and I have lots of pictures by Albert, the resort photographer, to prove it. I plan on posting some soon. You'll need about an hour for your hair so what I did was take a shower, do my make-up and then showed up for my hair appointment. I was back in my room in a little over an hour. I did wash my hair before I arrived as well but Tessa can do that too just allow more time for it.
    No matter what time you do it you won't be disappointed. It was the most amazing wedding I could possibly imagine and was everything I dreamed of and more. Antoinette, Lil Portia and the other wedding coordinators are amazing. I highly recommend the Jamaican wedding cake too. Its like a fruit cake with rum soaked raisins and such but without that strange fruit flavor from dried fruit. Best wishes to you!

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    Thank you everyone for all of the advice. I really appreciate it!!!!

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