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    Default Catamaran Cruise at CSA

    Does the Catamaran cruise only run on certain days at CSA or is it everyday? Is it difficult to get a spot on any given day? Do you need to make a reservation at initial check-in? And finally, can you go more than once?

    Thanks as always for all the great information from all the "Board Members".

    This is my second trip to a Couples. The first was ten years ago to COR for my honeymoon. It's been waaaaay too long!

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    When we were there last September, it only ran three days a week (M/W/F, IIRC); I think the same catamaran split time with CN on the other days.

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    Sorry, I can't remember if it runs everyday or certain days but I am leaning more on certain days...totally forgat and I just got back from there :-) We didn't have any problem getting a reservation or a spot on the boat. You do not have to make a reservation at check in, we made ours about 4 days after we got there. You can go more than once, just need to make another reservation. There was plenty of room on the boat for everyone. We were very comfortable and had a great time. The crew really made the trip was like a big party!

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    The cat cruise runs almost every other day at CSA. Sign up at the concierge desk after you check in at the lobby. You can go more than once. It usually goes out around 3:30 and you get back at sunset. You need to sign a waiver form and bring that to the boat when you board.

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    You can book anytime at the concierge desk, in the lobby. You can normally get on the cruise booking one day ahead, and you can probably go as many times as you wish during your stay.

    Enjoy your stay!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    It doesn't go every day and I think you can only book a day in advance maybe. They have a few times on the days it goes though so don't worry about a spot. You can go more than once I'm sure and I would highly recommend it.

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    Not sure about dark days, but when we were there it was harder to reserve for the weekend, I believe in part to the large wedding parties taking over the cruises. Friends of our tried to make reservations when they arrived on a Wednesday and the earliest they could get one was Monday. On Sunday we made reservations and got on that same Monday cruise.

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    no thursdays
    Erika & Sean

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    Yes you can go more than once. You make reservations @ the concierge desk the day prior to when you want to go. When I was there the resort was completely booked and we had no trouble at all. Not sure if it runs every single day or not.....I know it runs most days because I saw it. You'll get an activities schedule at check-in.

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    Check out "activities" under CSA. It shows the DAYS and times!!!

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    Don't quote me, but I think it runs 5-6 days a week. We just got back from a 10 day stay and did the catamaran cruise twice. Yes, you need to make reservations, but not right when you arrive. Relax for a couple of days first! The cruise does fill up sometimes, though, so make sure you book it a couple of days before you want to go.

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    Thanks all!

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    It runs 5 days a week. It does not go out on Thursday or Sunday. I would book it right away. We had about 5 hours between arriving and getting our room on Tuesday so I booked us for the Friday cruise and some other things while I waited. The next day (Wed) someone was trying to book for Friday or Saturday but it was all full so they had to go on Monday which they did not want to do as they were leaving Tuesday.

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    Bring tip money as they are not Couples employees.They serve rum punches and Red Stripes and hopefully you will be lucky enough to have Rasta Ralph entertain you.They usually sell jewelry and tank tops so if you are so inclined, bring small bills in a plastic baggie or something waterproof.You will have a blast, it is one of the many highlights of our trip.

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