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    Default Every day forecast says rain???

    You watch the weather online and you see rain and thunder showers forecasted for Jamaica and you get scared?

    Don't worry. Be happy. Everything gonna be alright.

    What you see forecasted on a daily basis are tropical showers that can last from 10 minutes to a few hours and on a few occassions into the night.

    If you have followed the weather conditions in Jamaica you would of learned that much of the area is under drought conditions. Rain is liquid gold to these impacted areas so when it rains people rejoice.

    How much rain do you get?
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    Go eat lunch and by the time you're done so might the rain.

    For you brides to be it is good luck to have it rain on you in Jamaica. So hope for a few drops to fall on you.
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    Ok This is great! I have never seen rain pictures of the resort but I do know that we had some of our most fun times when it rained. One time when it began to rain, we got to know a great group of people and ended up ordering 15 Bob Marleys to celebrate!

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    The key thing to the rain is the fact that the weather forecasts always show tropical showers and on ocassions you actually get them.

    When they do come it's lunch time and most times by the time you finish lunch the rain stops.

    This was the first time in 5 years that we had rain that lasted more than 2 minutes and we enjoyed every drop that fell.

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    Great pics! We were just @ CSA April 1st thru the 8th. Weather online showed 20-30% chance of rain. We enjoyed a cloud free week w/only a few clouds blowing through every now and then. I think we had one day where some clouds came thru and did produce maybe 20 drops of rain and that was it. I'd recommend everyone pretty much ignore the weather online and simply look forward to beauteous weather. Razzl

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    I was told that while CN got this shower that CSA didn't get a drop.

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    Agreed with what razzl says and Not to hi-jack the thread but Hey razzldazzime did you go to the beachparty on friday night, and the

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