This was our 7th trip, 5th to CSA, and we can't wait to go back in six months! It really is our "home away from home" and for those of you reading this who've never been, book now. The food, the people, the beach, the entire Jamaican atmosphere, all come together to make you more relaxed than you've ever been before. CSA is everything a perfect vacation should have.

There are so many people there I should thank, but I'll limit my gratitude to one very special one - Head Chef Anthony Miller. The Chef and I spent almost an hour discussing jerk, cuts of pork, cooking large pieces of meat, and the need for a smoker at the resort. Several days later, he took me into the kitchen to meet the butcher, and several of the prep cooks. I was there over two hours talking about spices and cuts of meat with them and even showed them how to spatchcock a chicken and why.

It's rare that you, as a guest, get to see behind the scenes and this opportunity is not one that I'll forget. Randy, please pass along these thanks to Chef Miller and tell him a smoked brisket will be coming with us in October for him and the cooks.