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    Default Romance Rewards Upgrade question

    I know that I am getting old, but didn't I read somewhere, a while back, that one of the "perks" of renewed or passionate level was a room upgrade? Or did I just dream that? Not that it matters to us, we book the room category that we like anyway, I was just wondering.

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    We were also wondering. It does say with that Romance Reward leve you can get a category upgrade if available. Maybe Randymon can claify. He did just announce that there are no more upgrades, does that mean for Romance Rewards also?

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    You are entitled to a 1 category room upgrade at time of check in - if available.

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    Whether you'll receive a room upgrade depends upon availability. We've been to the various resorts six times since they instituted the most recent version of Romance Rewards, and we've never received a free upgrade, although we usually stay in one of the more expensive room categories.
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    Something else to CTI. we book a Premier Ocean Room. The next category upgrade would be to a Garden Jr. Suite. While the suite would be nice, we would loose the beautiful views of the ocean and of the island which is a choice I do not want. Like I have always said.....we don't spend THAT much time in the room anyway and we have stayed in everything from a deluxe garden to a premier ocean and can truly say that we have never had one moment of dissappointment anywhere or at anytime.
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    Krisjamie, it no longer says anything about an upgrade, that is why I was asking the question. All I see for renewed is -

    Welcome gift
    30 minute massage
    repeaters dinner
    $50 credit
    Trading places option
    and departure gift

    Nothing about upgrades.

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    I think you may have been looking one level down: you have to be at passionate love. (This is from the rewards page.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Blondie View Post
    Passionate Love [24+ Nights Stayed]
    Choice of welcome gift (Bottle of sparkling wine and confectionery or candles/oils or t-shirts )
    One his/her 30-minute massage*
    Invitation to attend the Repeat Guest dinner**
    One Category Upgrade upon arrival (subject to availability)
    $75 Gift Shop credit
    Departure snack and water pack
    Trading Places Pass - One day exchange privileges with a Couples Resort in the same town. Space is limited and must be reserved at resort with the hotel guest services staff.
    For stays of seven nights or longer, receive a check for US$100 upon departure. (For vacations involving two or more resorts, a minimum stay of seven nights at each resort is required in order to be eligible for the check.)
    Note: European guests must contact our London office to have a cheque drawn in local currency.
    Voice - [+44] 1582 794 420
    FAX - [+44] 1582 792112
    Email -

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    How does this work at the resort? Do they offer you an upgrade or just do it automatically? I ask because we love our atrium suite and would really only accept an upgrade if it was to one of those beachfronts with the wraparound porch - unlikely, since the next step up from atrium seems to be garden verandah suite. We prefer the old side and would choose to stay in the atrium if we were offered the GVS.

    Does the desk say, "We see you're a repeater at the passionate love level - we can offer you X room, would you like that free upgrade? Or have they already done it for you? Do have have a chance to say yes or no?

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    Excellent question, Elaine... I simply would not accept an "upgrade" to a GVS... that would be a downgrade for us.

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