We made our 4th trip to CSA April 8 - 15, 2010. We usually book through a travel agent, but tried booking ourselves this time. Airline ticket prices were high and we decided to wait to see if they went down. We finally got them for $538 each from Omaha. We usually pay $400. We flew American Airlines, connecting in Dallas Fort Worth with aproximately a two hour layover. Previously we have flown with Northwest, connecting in Memphis with an hour layover. The extra time for the layover worked well.

Lines were not long in Montego Bay and it was not long before we were on our way to CSA. The driver stopped at a different place than we usually stop at. Most of us were offered mj to buy which we declined.

It was raining when we arrived at CSA. That was a little disappointing, but the employees were happy to see the rain since it had been a while since they had any. We were not offered cool towels or champagne. We poured our own champagne. We requested a ground floor corner room, but none were available. We did get a ground floor room in the middle and it was fine. We got our tshirts and coupons for the spa and gift shop (we booked by June 30 and got the $500 credit). We were offered an umbrella and we were on our way to our room.

We made ten scuba dives. The dive crew is wonderful. Many thanks to Anthony, Glenroy, Shaggy, Franz and Germaine. The final dive turned out to be the highlight of our trip. Two dolpins showed up - Glenroy attracted them with a rattle. They swam amongst us for awhile and then went up to get air. They came back and swam with us again and then left. A short while later, they came back. They were very curious about us and we were all thrilled to see them. We got a lot of pictures and a short video.

We ate mostly at the Palms because that is the place Ken prefers. We did eat once at Lemongrass, once at Feathers, twice at the Cabana Grill and a couple of times at Seagrapes. The food was very good. I do have to say I was not hungry once while we were there and I was very grateful that my clothes still fit when we left.

We did manage to stay up for Casino night and the auction. It was fun as always. We do have a hard time staying up late. We get up as soon as it gets light, make the morning and afternoon dives, enjoy the beach for awhile and by the time we have eaten supper we are tired.

We went on the Catamaran Cruise and enjoyed that.

We really enjoyed having the $500 in credits. We used all of it.

We met couples from England, Canada, West Coast and the Northeast. Very nice people!

Hope to make another trip next year. People always ask why we keep going back to the same place. We do love it. With all of the inclusions, we feel it is a good value for our money and also, it does feel like going home.