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    Default Full to capacity....?

    Does anyone know how full CSS gets? are all rooms booked or is it 50%?

    We are there 2 weeks tomorrow and would like to upgrade our room, just wondering if its more or less likely that we can?


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    The resort will book as many rooms as possible, but the summer season is typically not the busiest. If you are sure you want to upgrade, call Couples directly and let them know what you want. The sooner you do it, the more likely you will be to get the upgrade.

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    The best suggestion I have for you is to call Couples and find out if the category you want is available.
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    As fellow guests, we'd really have no way to answer your question about occupancy levels here on the message board.

    If you want to upgrade, call the Couples booking office now in order to avoid disappointment and future regret.

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    We were there last week and it was at ~60% capacity.
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