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Thread: I'm Very Sad..

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    Default I'm Very Sad..

    Due to the volcanic ash hovering in the skies, it looks almost 100% unlikely that we will be able to fly on Wed morning I was soo looking forward to spending time at CSA...fingers crossed that the ash disperses enough to get us from Scotland to Negril

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    Its looking good, I really hope you manage to go, our flight to CTI was cancelled on the 17th from Gatwick, but we have managed to rebook for 1st May
    Will keep my fingers crossed for Wednesday for you

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    We're saying prayers for you!!

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    Thank You xx It's actually Thursday we should be head is all over the place right now..bit like the blooming Ash!!! lol Fingers and Toes Crossed

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    I agree. That's sad. I was wondering if this would come up. I wish the best for you.

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    Default I know exactly how you're feeling ...

    we were due to fly out on Sat 17th for a wonderful fortnight's holiday with friends to CSS. Now rebooked for 15th June but our friends can't make it and we're devastated .... I'll be thinking of you and hoping all's well x

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    Hello Rivermist,

    Get your suitcase ready!!!!!! First plane just landed at heathrow. I too am leaving from gatwick for CN Saturday, you must be soooooooooo relieved I know I am.

    Happy happy holidays!!

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    UK airports are open again...we may just get to CSA on Thursday after all!!!! Fingers and toes and everything else crossed!!!! )))))

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    Hurrayyy are ON!!!! Gonna be in Negril on Thurs afternoon!!!!! we come!!!!!

    Fun in the sun..have a fantastic holiday xxx

    Thanks to all who sent good wishes xxx

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    Hop on that plane and get out of "dodge". You might not get back home for a while. But at least you would be stranded in Jamaica. Bummer Hu.

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