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    We received $100 towards an off resort excursion. And are now trying to decide which one to go on. We are staying at CN the first week of May.
    We were looking at doing the 4wheeler tour. Has anyone done that one?
    Any ideas on what to do or if they are even worth it?
    Thank you

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    the Black River/YS Falls/Appleton Rum factory tour is a great one. I actually prefer YS Falls to Dunns River...I think it's prettier and less touristy. Black River is neat and you get to see lots of wildlife, and it's also cool to see where all the great rum is made!

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    Cassi my wife and I did the zip line and she (we) had a blast. I would do it again in a second.

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    DO IT!!! We did excursions 6 out of the 7 days we were at CSA in 2005 for our honeymoon. We did so much because we didn't think we would ever make it back. Well, lucky us, we are returning for our 5 year in 59 days!! But the atv excursion you are talking about was the BEST out of all the ones we went on. You ride up into the mountains and see an old church then visit some kids in their school. We also did the rum tour with the falls and black river. That is a long day but worth it. We did the shopping tour, not fun, and the horseback riding. If I would recommend any tour to anyone it would be the atvs for sure. It is close by and a lot of fun and educational too.

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    Default Zip Line

    Any additional information anyone can provide on the zip line tour? Price,length, etc. Thanks!!

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    Are the excursions very far away? The zip line one specifially and the dolphin thing?

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    Here is the tour company that we have the giftcard for
    Any personal experience with them?
    Also I have the same questions as the last two posts... How long does it take and how far away is the majority of the tours.
    Thanks for the help

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    ChukkaBlue operates the small zip-line installed a few years back at YSFalls. The also operate the line up near OchoRios, as well as on a number of other destinations in and around the Caribbean Basin.

    YSFalls is a couple of hours at most from Negril, depending on your pace, and of course OchoRios is on the north coast, a couple hours east of MoBay. So depending on the tour, it could take several hours out of your day.

    Still, I always encourage some time spent "off-campus" when in Jamaica. Its the best way to learn about the Island and her People.

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    When we stayed at CN we did the Great River tour. The tour was fun, not nearly long enough, and you were all in intertubes tied together. The ride to the river was crazy long and up such a poorly kept road for such large buses. The drive made my husband sick. I know you are looking for a tour to take, but I don't recommend this one.

    Good luck picking your tour. We are excited to use the same credit when we go in November.

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