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    Does anyone have a opinion on the garden suites at cn? Are they in a quite area of the resort?
    Also what kind of breakfast is on the room service menu.
    Does any one have any pic's of that area of resort? thanks


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    One year we had a Garden Suite room 8207. Very quite and yet close to everything.

    As for breakfast they have a continental breakfast that you can arrange to have delivered to your room starting at 6:30 AM. The menu consists of coffee, fruits, cereals, breads and juices. You can select what you wish.

    Selecting the type room you want is all dependant on how much you want to spend. The less expensive room is the Deluxe Garden View room. They are located in an excellant area full of lush tropical foliage. In the suites you can almost get lost in them because of their size. They are essentially two rooms made as one big one. The balcony has a hammock to relax in.

    Do I have an opinion on the Garden Suite?

    Go for it! You won't regret the pampering you get.

    For pictures you can see many at:

    If you need more info drop me an email at>>

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    Whether a garden suite is "worth it" depends on you. What you get that you don't get in a regular room: (1) more room space to include a sectional wicker "sofa", (2) your own hammock on the balcony, (3) huge bathroom w/jacuzzi tub and separate shower, and (4) nightly hors d'hoeuvres delivered to your room. If those things are important to you, go for it. If cost is an issue or you don't care about the above, then a regular room is more than fine. The other experiences at CN are EXACTLY the same, the decor is the same, the amenities (mini-bar, TV) are the same. And all regular rooms are identical except for location. Personally, I like the garden rooms (the most basic level) as they are in very quiet areas, have a nice view of the gardens, and are very close to everything.

    The GS views are mostly of the gazebo area. From the 2nd and 3rd floors, you have an okay view of the water from the balcony. Very little noise.

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    I was in GN is the first teir rooms, in building 4. It was wonderful. Close to the beach and water sports hut and nothing was more than a VERY short walk.
    I will say room service breakfast was a disappointment. It was nice to enjoy fresh fruit while watching the ocean on the patio, but the full breakfast buffet quickly became one of our favorite things. I encourage you to enjoy the luxery once, but you may find it sub-par like we did.

    Enjoy your trip and try it all once!

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    We've had the pleasure of staying at CSS 3 different times, and love just about everything about it. We do enjoy the morning room service as well as the dinner room service. We are thinking of visiting CN this year for a change. However, from everything I've heard on this message board, as well as friends who've been to CN, the morning breakfast room service is very meager & tends to be something that is disappointing. I'm wondering why CN doesn't raise the standards of the service (if even for a price). My husband loves more than a croissant & coffee & fruit for breakfast, but loves the idea of not having to go out. Any plans for ammmending this service? Also, is room service offered for the evening meal time? We really would love to try CN, but really don't want to lose the amenities provided at CSS.

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    We've stayed in the Garden Suites in building 4 two times and had our TA request it again for us for our next trip "home" in April 2011. We love the view of the gardens & pond and how peaceful it is. As breakfast goes, we order it most mornings and have at CSA, CN and CSS. We usually get the coffee, some fruit and sometimes the danish basket thats offered. It's a nice start as we get ready to head out for the day. We then usually go down to the restaurant for our "second" breakfast. If you look back at some older posts, you'll see a lot of comments have been written on the "second" breakfast subject.
    As for the full room service at CSS, I have to agree that it's one of the reasons we love about CSS too. I only hope that Couples continues to offer that as long as they own it. We stayed at CSS in 2008 & 2009 and it seemed to us that the selections offered on the in room menu were much less in '09 vs. '08. I can recall mentioning this to my wife and expressing the hopes that Couples is not phasing out the room service option by reducing the menu selections each year.
    Remember, CSS has been there for many, many years under various owners and has a very loyal following that goes way back to before Couples bought it a few years back. I think Couples was very smart to not "rock the boat" with too many changes too soon to a beautiful established resort. Just my assumption, I could be wrong. The room service policy at CSA, CN & CTI was continental breakfast only before Couples bought CSS. Keep in mind, even to get a continental breakfast offered at some of the other resorts is about a 6 room upgrade (think S).

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    This is what we love about breakfast in a Garden Room at CN!
    11 months and counting!
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    Wow. Now that's a breakfast I could sink my teeth into! 56 days and counting to CN.


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    There are garden rooms and garden suites. The suites (in buildings 7 and 8, I think) are larger. They offer jacuzzi tubs, huge bathrooms, and larger rooms. There is a hammock on your patio. However, other than room size, all of the amenities at CN are the same.

    If you have the extra money or if it's a special occasion, go ahead and splurge. But if you can only do the most basic room (and we've done that!) it's still a great experience. OUr first time, we had a first floor gardenview room -- and we've now returned 4 times with a 5th later this year.

    You don't go to CN for the rooms. You go for the service, the beach, the food, the service, the activities, the romance . . . did I mention the service?!?

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    Two years ago my best friend decided to get married at CN and at the last minute asked my husband and I to go along with them.... being it was last minute and we were literally broke haha we booked the cheapest room CN had.... I was really worried about whether it was going to be okay or not but what can you do? When we got there ALL of my worries were relieved.... our Garden Room was so beautiful!!! It was cute and cozy... not the biggest hotel room ever but DEF bigger than a standard room here in the US haha! I can not imagine there being a bad room at the entire resort b/c like I said we literally booked the cheapest room they had hahaha... and it was beyond breathtaking! You have no worries with CN! Every inch of the place is beautiful!

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