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    Please help me out. We were at CN last September and we are returning in Sept 2011. I booked that last week to take advantage of the generous incentive offers! I told my husband about it and he said "go for it!". A couple days later he asked me what days we were going so he could put in for vacation at work..I looked at him and said, this is for 2011, not 2010...and he was pretty bummed! So now we are really thinking about going "home" this Sept. My question is to all of you veteran Couples couples, which resort to go to?? Help me out please! I think we would like to try another resort than CN, and the AN aspect is important to us.. Give me your choice and tell me why! Or if you think we should go 3 for 3 at CN, let me know that too!! Thanks!

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    Go to CTI. the Island is great and it's the least exspensive resort with the most inclusions. It's our favorite.

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    Hi Lucy-

    Glad to see you may be returning to Couples sooner than you thought!!

    We stayed at CSS in Sept 2007 and CTI (then COR) in Nov 2006. Between the two, we LOVED CSS. (COR was just OK for us.) I think you guys would really enjoy CSS. The AN facilities are really nice....beach, pool w/swim-up bar, grill and above ground hottub. The rooms are nice and the grounds are BEAUTIFUL. Plus room service was a real treat. (We took advantage of it quite a few times!) I recall Scotty & Diane saying they enjoyed their stay at CSS as well.

    Sometimes I think the more often you stay at Couples, the harder it is to choose which resort for your next stay. We are really torn between CN & CSS.

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    We've been to CN 3 x, CTI 1x, & CSS 1x.

    If you are looking to branch out then I would suggest CSS especially if AN is important.

    SSB is equally as large as the CN AN beach. The sand is soft, not as silky as CN, but still soft. There is also a large pool with enough room to float in and there is a cool waterfall that is a blast to get a water massage. There is a great swim up bar and we really enjoyed the beach. The entertainment crew come over twice a day and there is a chef who brings over lunch and stays the afternoon to cook burgers, fries, patties, etc. CSS really makes ANers feel first class.

    I will say that we missed being able to float in the ocean. We did it, but it wasn't as calm as at CN. There is a river that runs just to the left of the beach and it runs strong enough that it actually changes the beach from day to day. Consequently there is a strong current that can take you out to sea if you don't pay attention, but we still loved CSS and are returning in 2011.

    Since you already have plans to return to CN in 2011, I'd book CSS for 2010.

    The only other drawback is that the beach is not good for long walks, but the AN beach is so awesome and there are so many fun pathways around CSS that we didn't miss long walks on the beach.

    CSS is beautiful! It is simply magical. Go, you will enjoy and be mesmerized like the rest of us.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    rum punch is rather good...but anyway! I digress. Never been to CN but I have been to CSS and CSA and loved both of them. CSA may be a bit like CN as it is on the same type of beach so maybe try CSS where you will be in Ocho Rios and can enjoy the mountain side of it. CSS has great gardens with tiny places to find and hide in and find amore. Lots of steps so take that into account if you have back problems or are generally determined to do no excercising on holiday. We also enjoy the intimacy of it. We stayed in the Jr Jacuzzi room beachfront and they were very nice. CSA is laid back and fun. Beach is awesome and they have alot of dining and bars to choose from. I honestly don't think you can go too wrong with this one. Good luck!

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    CTI is our preference and we do make use of the AN facilities. We felt "exposed" if you will on Sunset Beach. The river empties out at the beach with boats coming and going and then there is a public beach across the river from the SSB which when we were there, had children on it. We did like the pool at SSB, but not enough to make a trip back. We are making our 4th trip to CTI in July and have 5th trip booked for 2011.

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