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    Default trying to make reservations

    Hi. We recently returned to CN and are trying to make reservations from this website for 2011. But nothing happens when you try to click on the button. If I go ahead and put in the dates we'd like, the screen pops up but does not have the correct code for booking. I'm a patient person and can wait until this is corrected but I thought you'd want to know and possibly get this repaired. I'll call one of the numbers if needed but prefer to see the details rather than hear them.

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    That happened to me when I was trying to make reservations last week. I finally gave up and called the 1-800 number and they were able to take care of the reservation for me

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    Hi Lola, yes I was having this problem also. The best way to book is to sign into the message board and then book from there with the link on the left hand side. You should no longer have a problem.

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