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    Default Are the gift shops at the different couples the same?

    We were at CSS in January. We are doing the split trip to CSS/CN next year and were curious if the stores carry the same merchandise or different.
    I assume they all have the blue mountain coffee. What about the T-shirts, other gifts, etc.
    Do they all carry Smatt's rum?
    Any comments for those of you who have been to both would be greatly appreciated.

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    We did that same split in 2009. It was nice to see the other side of the island. The gift shops carry different stuff, they have some basic stuff that is the same, but not too much. I would suggest if there is something you like at that shop, get it. The t-shirts and hats are different. I bought mine at CN because I didn't see any I liked at CSS. Also found some nice bracelets & earrings at CN. CN has a nice swimwear/beachwear shop. But I found a nice piece of artwork at CSS. I am not sure about the rum, we usually buy that and coffee at the airport.

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    We've been to both CSA and CSS and found the gift shops to be a bit different - different crafts from local vendors, different t-shirts. Both carried sundries, rum, coffee and that type of merchandize.

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    Default Not the same

    Stayed at CN and CSS....CN gift shops MUCH nicer than CSS. They have some of the same products, just not as nice or in the same quantity. We couldn't get a cig lighter at CSS but CN had them every day. They do have the coffee, saw some rums, not sure of the brands. We usually get our last minute gifts at the airport.

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    Didn't think there was much stuff at all at CN when we went in 2008.

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    We haven't stayed at CSS but I know the one at CTI is different then CN. They seemed to have more t-shirts that we liked at CN and a better Rum selection. CTI was bigger and had more kids stuff. They also have one of just the couples gear at CTI which was cool too. As far as dresses and stuff...they seemed to have similar if not the same designers, but not always the exact same things. I did notice if you shop at the couples living will get an idea of what most of the gift shops carry, but again if you see something you love at one, get it just in case.

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    Been to them all and they are all a bit different. Found CSS to have the biggest and best gift shop.
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    We found the same screeching monkey toy at CTI in January and CN in March. Good thing. Our dog Rudy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES toy monkeys. He has over a dozen of them and happily added his Jamaican monkeys to his collection.
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    My niece LOVED the screeching monkey we brought her back from CTI!!!

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