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    Hello Everyone. Does CTI sell calling cards in the gift shop to call back to the US? We need to call our offspring daily to check in and say hello! We have tried to find one here but cannot find one where Jamaica is included. To call on our cell (AT&T) is $2 a minute. Is it cheaper to buy a calling card and then use the hotel land line? Any input would be great. We leave in TWO DAYS! Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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    This post was on Trip Advisor, I copied and pasted for you

    have thoroughly researched this and it's actually cheaper to get a cell phone while in Jamaica at a Digicel store. You can get a cheap prepaid phone for about $30 USD that includes 1000 international minutes and 200 local Jamaican minutes.

    Your hotel will most likely charge you to connect and activate an international calling card.

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    We have little one's also and have found that email was the best (and least expensive) way to stay in touch. All of the Couples have free internet. The kids enjoyed getting "mail" from mom and dad and we didn't have to worry about huge phone bills and they didn't have to worry about missing our phone call.

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    When we were at CTI in December, they did not sell the phone cards in the gift shop. I'd be willing to bet you could buy one in town though. We didn't need to, as we used Skype. The one time we had to use the room phone, we just paid the hotel's rate, which wasn't bad for a one-time call.

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    When we went to CSA last September, be got a "Jus Talk" card at one of the gift shops. It was pretty inexpensive, although the resort does charge $2 or so for each connection. (If you have to make multiple calls at once, the card tells you to hit ## or such instead of hanging up, and you can make another call, but it's still considered one "connection" by the resort). Last year, my wife was in job-hunting mode, so we had to make several calls back home for that. (The good news was - she had a job waiting for her when we came home!)

    I've read elsewhere that the resorts aren't selling these cards anymore, but I'm not sure of the accuracy of this.

    Otherwise, I'm with misdeb: just send a few emails saying "the weather is here, wish you were fine" and leave it at that.

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