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    We see the topless policy for all resorts except CSS. Is this allowed on the main beach? We'll spend most of our time on SSB but just wondering about the main beach. Thanks!

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    The poloicy is no topless on the main beach @ CSS. Have rarely seen it on the main beach. It is also not permitted at any of the pools.
    That is why they have SSB

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    I believe that it used to be permitted on the main beach at CSS as we had met several European women that did not go to SSB but instead just went topless on the main beach. The faqs used to state that it was allowed at CSS, but it does not anymore. I believe that the policy at CSS is now topless on the main beach and only all-nude on SSB.
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    I hope it's allowed. Cuz my wife is doing it..doubt too many will mind.
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    When we went last May, my wife was topless on the beach frequently and even at the main pool a couple of times. Nobody said anything. She was not the only topless person at either location either. Everyone was an adult about it.

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    Taking my chances on this. I am a topless kind of gal. I spent a couple summers on the European side of the world and it is common practice. I believe it is all about being tasteful.

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    Can anyone explain why topless is not allowed at the pool? I am trying to think of a logical reason but cannot. Except for the content of the water
    ( salt v chlorine) what is different in the dynamic of laying out by a pool v by the ocean. I understand CSS offer SSB but curious in the logic of no toplessness at the pool thanks in advance

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    i, honestly have no idea, but i will say i think it should be required

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    I would think the reason topless is not allowed around the pool, is that those who choose to be there probably don't want to see even a topless woman. They have the AN facilities for those who want to be nude. I know topless is not nude, but some folks don't even want to see that much of another person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richli2 View Post
    The poloicy is no topless on the main beach @ CSS. Have rarely seen it on the main beach. It is also not permitted at any of the pools.
    That is why they have SSB
    You know it's all very well saying that is why they have SSB but there is a world of difference between going topless and going completely naked. I for one have always had a massive hangup about my derriere and even after 19 years of marriage will not walk round completely naked in front of my husband. Topless I am fine with, topless is no big deal but full nude is.

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    In his post on March 12th, Randymon stated:
    "Couples Sans Souci: Nudity is only allowed on Sunset Beach. Topless is allowed on the main beach."

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    I can only assume that topless at the pool is not permitted as you are in such close proximity to all the staff, otherwise I can not think of any other reason. When we were at CN first week in February 2010 there were european women on lounges at the pool topless, and my wife somewhat, mostly was lying on her tummy, but sat up few times for some drinks.

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    Ya'll need to just go to SSB so there is not discussion. OMGosh how we loved SSB!!!!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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