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    Default diving with dolphins

    we dove the two tank dive on Feb 20th, 2010 and were approached by a pod of dolphins at rocky point on the first dive. we did not have our camera but were with other divers who were taking pictures. can someone share these with us please? it was an unbelievable experience and we really want a picture for the memory.

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    Hello negrildiver both my wife and I were also on this dive (Dave and Rose) I got some video (not so good) but our good friend (Jim he was the Irish fellow at the front of the boat and was diving with Phil (he had the big camera) from the UK)) who was also on the boat. Jim has some absolutely amazing video that he will be sending me shortly, once i get it I will post it for you to enjoy!

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    Default thanks so much

    Thanks so much and yes we remember you both. Thank you so much and we are looking forward to the post. By chance could you e-mail it to us at It was so amazing we are still telling just about everyone we know.

    Thanks again,

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    Default Dolphins

    Just wondering if you have recieved the video of the dolphins?

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    I just wanted to add that when we were diving in Negril (from CSA), we also saw dolphins right close by. It is such an amazing experience isn't it?!! I'm very excited to hear that divers are still seeing them. I hope we see them again on our next trip... and that next time I hope we get some pictures or video!

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    We were at CSA last week and got to see two dolphins on our last dive. What a thrill! We got pictures and video.

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    I also was on that dive but did not have a camera . If you would all be so kind to send them to me too I would be very appreciative.

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