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    Default Swept Away Return Bus Trip Issue

    If you were on the bus that left Swept Away shortly after 9AM on Sat, April 17th, I urge you to send an email to Couple's. I've sent my email and am hoping that you will do the same. Our driver's were completely out of line and put all of us at risk - both safety and security risks. Obviously a couple of you were completely fine with it. I don't really care what you do, just don't do it around me and certainly not on a bus full of people that have to get through airport security!

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    The Drivers work for Prestige Tours, that's who you should direct your complaint to, via Couples.

    Sounds like he let people smoke on the bus?
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    What happened, I was one of the couples that got in the small van not the large bus.

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    The bus service is not part of Couples Resorts but rather part of the Jamaican Transit service. Most of the service is provided thru JTB which can be recognized by the red sticker.

    Not hearing any details of your issue I would be concerned over the action that driver may or may not have taken.

    All the years that we have traveled to Jamaica I have always been afforded the opportunity to sit up front with the driver. Driving myself for a transit service I have always been amazed at the driving abilities of these individuals as they make there way thru winding roads with traffic and pedestrians and never an incident or close call.

    Drop me an email with what happened. RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM

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    What did they do? This post isn't very helpful without an explanation. Especially when it's your first post ever.

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    I think I can ascertain what you are talking about, not positive but I get your drift. I think this thread will provoke some investigation and questions. Which may then induce some form of punitive action or perhaps a review of customer service policy and/or rules of conduct.

    The drivers should be considered a very important part of the entire resort experience as they are often responsible for a large part of the first impressions of the resort itself, whether or not they are directly employed by Couples. They are often the first one on one contact with the Jamaican people that many of us have. As they say, perception is reality.

    Hope what ever the issue was it is attended to quickly, properly and fairly.
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    Hi Tracy,
    I was on that bus and completly agree with you. What took place on the shuttle to the airport was totally unacceptable. Let me know who you sent your letter to and I will send them one as well.

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    We were on the 7am bus make that 7.15 as he was late on April 17th. Our driver spent most of the trip talking on is cell phone.His cell phone ring was the loudest I have ever heard and it just kept going off between his calls. He stopped on the side of the road to take a leak but never asked if anyone else needed. We took the flight to the resort... this reminded us why we spent the extra on the way in

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    Karon, Tracy...

    Just wondering why nobody on the bus said anything? Isn't it better to speak up for yourself than try to fix something after the fact?

    If you were really concerned with your safety and going through security at MBJ, it seems like it would have been appropriate to deal with it in the present.

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    We're all dying to know - what happened?

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    Makes me wonder what happened! I guess in the end everyone was allright and that is most important.

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    I agree with dirtleg... not only Couples, but ALL of the resorts that use JUTA drivers, should make it crystal clear to the transfer contractors about certain policies and LAWS.

    If I get the gist of the OP's note, the behavior on that bus was unacceptable and illegal, and tacit acceptance by that driver was entirely inappropriate.

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    I was on that bus too and was LIVID. Though it's not a bus run by Couples, they are a vendor that Couples hires and I'm assuming has some contractual relationship with them. I too would like to voice my displeasure.

    To those questioning it, there was a driver and a "co-pilot." The co-pilot decided to encourage people to smoke up the last of their non-tobacco product and then proceeded to the back of the bus to join them. We were on an airconditioned bus, so that back window was the only one open and we ALL got to suck on their smoke. Someone did speak up (if you are on here, THANK YOU!) and it seemed to stop, but a half hour later someone was at it again. Not what you want on your clothes just before going through airport security, no consideration for the fact that people may be allergic to smoke, no consideration really at all. It was simply not the proper time or place for it.

    I envied the people who got on the little bus. Honestly, this has put the bug in my head that perhaps next time we will hire private drivers.

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    ...Would also like to add for those of you who may be concerned by this...this is NOT the norm. This was our 4th trip to Couples, so 8th shuttle and this is the ONLY time we've encountered any issues. Please don't let this give you the impression that the shuttle is normally a bad experience; it's not.

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    What happened? To me it sounds like they were smoking weed but that is all I can guess from the post.

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    I think I smell what happened and although I was not there I agree 100% this should not have happened. Unfortunatley couples contracts this part out so letting couples know as well as the people they contracted with would be helpfull. I know it happens cause it dod on our ride as well last may to the resort though. Good luck glad everyone was safe.

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    I didn't know if actually spelling it out on the message board would prevent it from being posted... guess not. Yep, one of the guys (Max) - not the actual driver - encouraged anyone who had purchased marijuana to go ahead and smoke it on the bus b/c they would not be allowed to take it home with them. So one or maybe more went ahead and lit up. Max then ran to the back of the bus and asked if he could join them. This was our third trip to Jamaica and I've never experienced that before. I emailed Couples on Sunday, but have not heard back. Thanks for the info, RDYJMJM... I will also figure out who to email at the transit service.

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    One of our guys (Max), not the actual driver made an announcement encouraging people to smoke what they had purchases before we got to the airport b/c they wouldn't be able to take it with them. One or maybe more lit up and Max ran back to where they were asking if he could join them. This was our third trip to Jamaica and we've never had this problem. I sent an email to Couple's but have not yet heard back. Thanks for all the info posted here.

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    So, what happened?

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    Default Details?

    My assumption is that they were smoking weed. In addition to being illegal it certainly placed everyone's life at risk. That driver should be fired and legally charged (if my assumption is correct)

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    Who were the clowns that were still holding upon leaving?

    I've never, EVER seen this on our trips.

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    In 7 trips to Jamaica we have never had a problem. With the exception of 3 times flying Timair one way back to MBJ, that was 11 bus trips with courteous & professional drivers. I really believe that this was an unfortunate and isolated instance that will be handled promptly. The country of Jamaica relies on tourism for 60% of it's income.

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    This is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD! Thank you for telling us about this. The Driver for the 9:00 am bus on April 17 will be terminated immediately.

    Couples Resorts

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