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    Default Private Boat Ride at CN

    I want to take my wife on a private boat ride at CN. I hear they can arrange for a boat ride up the coast, with some drinks or snacks. Has anyone done this already? Can you give me some details about the trip, length of time, what to wear, etc.? Any information would be helpful. It is our 25th wedding anniversary and I want this to be as romantic as I can (and I am romance-challenged!)

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    We have taken a private sunset cruise for an extra $250 USD per couple. The crew takes you out on the dive boat. See the Guest Relations desk for details. They will arrange for snacks and will provide your beverages of choice. Since my hubby is not much of a champagne drinker, we had VX and Diet Pepsi. We went up the coast by 7 mile beach and our hosts provided a description of the resorts, activities for the locals, etc etc.

    At the end, we were able to get some very nice photos of the sunset on our way back to CN.


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    I think this is a wonderful romantic thing to do. Give a call to CN and see what you need to do to set it up.

    As to what to wear. There is no dock at CN so you will need to wade out in the water to get to the boat. So I would suggest your best swim wear for the evening.

    I haven't personally done the trip, but I've heard that they do supply you with drinks and snacks and will take you out at sunset. How more romantic can you get?

    Give CN a call and they will take care of everything.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Go to the Office of Nature and ask for Chris & Lucea. Chris is a dark-skinned gentleman, what nationality I'm unsure and Lucea is Chilean, he's fluent in english but her's is a bit broken and limited. They have a sailboat docked in Bloody Bay and offer charters but don't advertise it. I know it seems like taking a chance but they are great people and talented navigators. Not sure what they charge. We were there in June 08 and took a complimentary trip (don't count on lucking into that situation again) with a friend of their's who also had a sailboat docked in the bay. Chris & Lucea came along and were so much fun. We had the guys from the OON drive us just a bit down the road (for a small fee of course)to a convenience store to pick up beer and rum and off we went for the afternoon and early evening. We were back in December of 08 and C&L were still there, docked in the bay. The convenience store is just across the street from CN entrance but not really within walking distance from OON.

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    Thank you all for your responses. I think I have the information I need to have a nice romantic private cruise. I appreciate the info, as I am not always the most romantic person. . . . I suppose I should leave the radio at home and not listen to the Cubs while on the cruise . . . right?

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