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    Default best beach-CTI OR CSS

    My husband and I just arrived from a fantastic vacation at CSA. We would like to return to a Couples resort in Jamaica, but we want to visit a different part of the island. We are beach lovers and were just wondering who had the best beach CSS or CTI.

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    IMHO CS's beach is larger, deeper and less crowded then CTI's. Just one thing don't expect either CTI's beach or CSS's to be as nice as the beach @ CSA
    Keep in mind CSS and CTI's beaches are private beaches

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    It's funny. I thought CTI's beach felt bigger and more spacious. Isn't perception interesting? Although we just downright liked CTI more, so maybe that was it.

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    Definitely CSS!
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    Niether beach is crowded. Our favorite is CTI. More inclusions and more restaurants.

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    The beach at CTI is HORRIBLE!!!! In fact, it is so bad, we will be returning this summer for our third consecutive year there. I have not been to CSS but I know everyone will love that beach much better. I think the only way that the beach at CTI will ever be wonderful is if I am the only one on it......oh wait, I am always out on the island anyway....nevermind!!!! LOL!!!!

    Just know this, you will enjoythe beach you are on and you will be made to feel like you are the only guests that the resort cares about. We have been at different Couples resorts when they were anywhere from 50% to 90% full and we have always felt like we were the only guests there. All I am saying is that why the beach is certainly important, there is so much more and ou will not be dissappointed no matter what ou choose.
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    CSS wins hands down on this one as they have two beaches and both are bigger than CTI's but they are both nice enough I would not really use the beach for the criteria of choosing a Ochi resort.
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    Thanks for the info! My best friend just told me that she got engaged and wants to get married in Jamaica! She is considering one of the Couples resort for her wedding. I am so hoping that she chooses one of the four Couples resorts for her wedding as opposed to the "S" resort(not that I am biased...) Hopefully we will be vacationning at Couples in Jamaica in 2011!

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    Having recently stayed at CTI and also having visited CSS on the TPP, I'd say the beach at CSS is wider and deeper than its counterpart at CTI.

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