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    Default Flat tire on the Good Bye bus?

    Here's hoping that the good bye bus has a flat tire and that we all have to stay another day.

    Wishfull thinking on my part.

    The end has come on another GREAT Couples experience.

    To Dilly Ann, Elkie, Richard, Nana, Nelli, LaToya, Marlon, Tennyson, Franklyn, the beach grill staff, a special thank you Meesha and to all the staff that my rum soaken memory has misplaced your names you have done it again.

    To Ms Karin Lanigan/GM of Couples Negril. Your staff has outdone themselves once again. We will see you again next April.

    Thank you all for what you have given us.

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    This is not too far stretched!!! Last year, we were on our way to the airport from another resort and the bus got a flat tire. There were about 15 of us standing on the side of the road out in the country while we waited for help. Interestingly, we got no help from the bus service...however about 4 Jamaicans from the island that were driving by, stopped and helped! They were amazing. It was kind of fun, sort of an adventure, because the islanders were giving us water to quench our thirst. Needless to say, we got our tire fixed and got to the airport in time to make our flight anyway but we had to RUN through Customs and Immigration to make it. Next time, I'll walk slower and hopefull will have to stay in Jamaica!!!

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    In Feb we were asked to stay in Jamaica for an extra day! Our airline had overbooked our flight and was looking for volunteers. My wife didnt even hesitate to say we are in! Although they didnt shuttle us back to CTI, they put us up in another all inclusive. This hotel was ok but no where near the beauty and quality of CTI. We got an extra day of sun, $1000 to come back, and a realization of how the other half vacations!

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