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    Default Missing a Hat Tracey

    Tracey I believe you left your hat at the lobbing when you got on the bus for the airport. If not sorry.

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    That was her hat I have called CSA but they said no one turned it in. She wouldn't care if we could find another one but they don"t make it anymore... Some one else took it home or it's still enjoying life around the resort. If anyone knows of it's location an email would be appreciated
    Ron & Tracey

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    We're going to be there in a few days, I saw the pic, and if I see it I'll grab it and ship it to you once we get home.

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    Ron, I sent a message to Kim to inquire about the hat, she and Kevin are still at CSA so hopefully she will get the message.

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    Thanks Drinkuth and JoeandSue... Maybe just Maybe they will be reunited with the help of or Couples family

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