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    Default Where is the wedding site at CSA?

    As I look at the map, I cant seem to find the exact location of where the weddings take place. I am wondering how close it is to our room. We are staying in the BFVS at CSA! Can anyone tell me?
    Thank you

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    The beach wedding site is pretty close to rooms 3123. I walked out of that room and down the "aile" to my groom. I loved it!! It is nice to sit and watch weddings take place.

    I do have pictures of me walking out of the room and all that, if you would like to see just let me know.

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    It's actually not that far from the BFVS right on the beach. Can't remember the 'exact' spot, but if you have a map with the building numbers it's somewhere between building 40-42 on the beach.

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    Well we just found out we are staying in the BFS, NOT the BFVS...How close is that to the wedding site?

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    Everything is close, it's not a real spread out place

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