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    Default Distilled Water for C-PAP Machine

    Hubby will be bringing his C-PAP and was told to only use distilled water...we don't really want to lug around a gallon of distilled water in our luggage. Is there distilled water available @ CSA and if so, is it free?
    Greg & Deb
    St. Louis, MO
    CSA 04/24 thru 05/01

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    I too use a CPAP. To be honest with you, I don't use my humidifier much at all, even at home. The resort has the humidity you would expect in the tropics, so.... When I'm there I don't use any water in my humidifier at all. I just leave it dry, and I'm fine... I've never looked for distilled water there.

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    I'm a respiratory therapist...regular bottled water won't hurt, just don't use tap or beach water lol.

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