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    Default Trip to local sunset bar-CSA

    The trip to local sunset bar.. are they talking about Rick's?
    Would anyone recommend the shopping shuttle?? how long is this?

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    Lately, I've heard that the "local sunset bar" trip takes the crew to the place next to Rick's (I believe its The Palms bar at The Caves).

    I believe the shopping shuttle takes you to the Times Square Mall (not bad) and to the craft market near the downtown area. Not sure how long this excursion is, but the last time we went to the craft market (17 years ago) we didn't enjoy it that much... but then we don't enjoy bargaining too very much.

    Worth it? I'd suggest checking out the on-site craft market on Wednesday. That will give you a flavor for the type of stuff (and more) that you'll find at the craft market. If you still want to try it then, give it a go...


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    Not a fan of the shopping tour unless they go somewhere other than the flea market area.

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    We've never taken the sunset bar trip so I don't know where that is to, but we always go on the shopping shuttle to get coffee. We buy 40 pounds to take home with us and prefer to get it at the shops than the airport. This way we can pack it in our checked luggage.

    The shopping shuttle takes you to an outdoor 'mall'. There are several jewelry stores and lots of stores with t-shirts, shot glasses, wall hangings and typical vacation trinkets. We found the prices for t-shirts to be great. 8 shirts for $20 and the shirts seem to hold up well.

    If you are looking for more crafty type items, Couples allows vendors to come on property during the week and you can purchase items from them, but be aware that you will need to have cash for them as they do not take credit cards.
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    If you want to go shopping, just grab a taxi to the Times Square mall near Swept Away or go into town. Truthfully, the best shopping/prices is at the Airport Departure area - unless you plan to shop the local craft market which is on the way into town by the bridge...and there is one across from Couples Negril also.

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    The sunset bar is Sands .... it is well worth the visit...lovely place

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    There was no trip to a sunset bar while I was there. The catamaran went past ricks then came back to a cave to swim in but that was it for us. Ricks looked so crowded I wouldn't have wanted to get off anyway.

    The shopping trip is nice if you want to bring back souveneirs and have never been to Jamaica before. Our trip made two stops. The first was a small group of duty free shops close to CSA that had decent gifts but each shop was identical. Then it drove into town and let us out at a few other shops which to my surprise was totally vacant of any actual Jamaicans working in them. I didn't like them very much. Across the street from there was a market of some sort with tons of vendors. I would have liked that but the diver wouldn't let us go. Overall it was worth it. We got some stuff much cheaper than at the airport or couples shop.

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    Caznsi -

    That's it!... thanks for the correction!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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