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    Default Romance Rewards Name Change

    Thanks to the great specials being offered I just booked our 2nd trip back to CSA and couldn't be more excited! I have 2 questions though. When do you present your romance rewards card number to redeem the benefits? I assume at booking or at check in. Also, I just noticed the card has my maiden name on it. Will they even accept it anymore? Ironically, we got married at CSA during that trip and it'll be 3 years between trips, so the rewards might have already expired anyway, I'm not sure. Does anyone have any experience with this scenario? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    We've never used a card, they have your number in the reservatiopn system, write it down and carry it with your Travel Documents.

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    I believe you are correct... but check to be sure. I seem to recall that the "accumulating benefits" of membership, that is to say, the romance rewards levels, only add up when consecutive visits are within 24 months.

    However, some of the other benefits, I believe, like the repeaters' dinner, day exchanges with neighboring Couples Resorts, and such, are still in force.

    If I'm incorrect, someone please tell me.


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    OK.... so I looked it up... per the T's & C's of the Romance Rewards Program...

    "Romance Rewards benefit levels are maintained provided member stays at a participating Couples Resort at least 7 nights during the course of five consecutive calendar years. Failure to stay at least 7 nights during the course of five consecutive calendar years will result in member account being dropped to the next lower level. All member benefits will expire if there is no activity within five calendar years."

    So you're accumulated nights are still valid... however, elsewhere in the T's&C's it states that its your responsibility to update changes in your profile information... I suspect you can do this online... but you'll have to check THAT one out yourself!

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    Hey Chrissy,

    I just had the same question about my maiden name on the card and was told that you can change your name, or leave it. The account will still be good, just email the romance rewards customer service if you want your name changed.

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    Thanks everyone! I read somewhere, I think on the romance rewards log in page, that your rewards expire after 2 years. I'm happy to see where the T&C states 5 years - so thanks for the heads up Chris. Either way, I'm just happy we're blessed enough to go back.

    I'll take your suggestion Caligirl, thanks for the info!

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