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    Default Any bars along beach near CN?

    As I said before we are staying at CSA for three days and we have friends at CN. Unfortunately no availability at CN or CSA for our full trip so we are staying the rest of the trip nearby. We are trying to arrange to meet with our friends on Thursday outside of CN and wondering if there is a beach bar anywhere near the two that we could all walk to on the beach to have a few drinks together.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Well, there is Cosmos, which you can almost see from SweptAway... but it would be a trek from CN. The other possibility, if you are going to meet them at CN, is the site of the old Office of Nature... last year it looked like whatever was being built there was nearly complete, and it looked like it might be a bar and/or restaraunt.

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    Office of Nature. There are actually two. The first one you will come upon from CN is the 'imposter' and the second one is the original. Either will serve you up a Red Stripe or two.
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    The only options we can think of are the two "Office Of Nature" areas. The original is just a bit further down the beach from where you are staying (and CN) and the "new" (or some say impostor) one is closer to you.

    I don't believe either has anything in the way of mixed drinks but they'll have beer.

    Perhaps an option... there is a bar for Sunset at the Palms just next door to where you're staying. Their bar is on the beach but the resort is across the road. In any case, I believe they are all-inclusive so that may not be an option, but you could investigate.

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    If you mean on the beach at Bloody Bay then there really is not a bar there. You could have a Stripe or other drink at the Office of Nature located down the beach a ways past Couples. It is a bit rustic but the folks are nice, the food is good, and the drinks are cold.
    The other option (short of a day pass I guess) would be to meet at a bar or restaurant along Long Bay beach. There are lots of choices there! From the touristy bars like at Margaritaville or Ricks, nicer places like Cosmo's and Alfred's, or a dozen other small local establishments.
    Have fun!

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    Most people suggest the Office Of Nature. Looking at the beach from the CN lobby it would be on your right. Never been there though, many talk about it.

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    Office of Nature has a bar on the beach and sells grilled food.

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    I believe you can buy beer from the bar on the beach at the what was Negril Cabins. Now Sunset at the Palms. On the other side of RIU.

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