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    Default CSS...special dinners

    First time going to Couples the first week of August and not sure what to expect for meals. I understand there is a gala night on the beach??? Are there other special dinners or should I just plan on eating at the restaurants?


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    Tuesday night beach party with buffet, Wednesday night lobster night when in season in all restaurants, Friday night the fabulous Starlight Gala - huge buffet on the lawn in front of the beach. All the restaurants and room service dinning are great.
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    There is a Starlight Gala on the main lawn on Friday nights. Then there is a Beach Party on Tuesday, I think. Definitely go to the special event dinners, then eat at the restaurants the other nights. In fact, on those special nights, not all of the restaurants are open, so enjoy the show.
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    The Starlight Gala is on Friday nights on the main lawn next to the beach. It is spectacular. There is a wide variety of food (I could have made a meal just off of the salads). They spend the entire day setting up for the Gala - there are twinkling lights everywhere!

    The Beach party is Tuesday and is on the beach. That was certainly fun, but not the variety of food like the Gala.

    Those are you only two dining options on Fridays and Tuesdays, except for in-room dining. We ordered room service one evening for dinner, and it was very nicely done. We ordered many, many appetizers, and several entrees. The food came promptly, and they picked up the tray promptly after we called to let them know that we were done.

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    Just wanted to say hi, Sue! We will also be at CSS the 1st week in August for our first time! Hope to see ya there!

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    I was there in June and we found the food to be really good. we loved Pallazinos for supper. There is also Casanova that is good but very fancy!! The best thing about Couples is the room service is included and honestly is pretty good!!! One tip...if your not into continetal breakfast then dont get room service for breakfast...i found it wasnt good at all..but pallazinos is open for breakfast and it is soooo good....the omelet station is a must!!

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    The food at CSS is to die for.... I am from Louisiana and usually when we travel we can't wait to get back to our good home-cooking, but the food was so delicious. The creme brulee at Palazzino's is to die for and they have really good fish. Casanova is where we had our private wedding reception and our whole family is still raving about how good the food was at our hotel compared to where they stayed (Club Riu). There pumpkin soup (it might sound weird but it is soooo good) was awesome, I am still looking for the recipe to do this day. And they have these great bread baskets with different types of bread. And the burgers and jerk chicken and pizza down by the beach or nothing to scoff at. We loved sitting at the bar and listening to the cooks sing, they were so funny. And at night, the food is classier but still so good. Oh, and you have to get a smoothie by the mineral pool, yum yum!

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