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    Default Official November 2011 Thread

    I got in just under the wire to get the 2011 escape deal.Room upgrade & $500.00 credit. It's all good. At $100.00 a month the trip will be almost paid for by the time we go.
    Peggy & Tom (New Jersey) 11/3 - 11/10

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    So now it's almost december.It is cold Our Nov. 2020 tirp to CTI is but a memory. BUT,I have November 2011 to look forward to.

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    Default November 2020 Trip?

    After that November 2020 trip the 2011 trip must be a memory too LOL... I just couldn't resist dear,

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    Sorry, You know I can't type for $!#&, "dear".

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    The wife and I have booked for Oct 31 through Nov 4. Her birthday is Nov 3rd, so we're looking at possibly doing a couples massage and dinner on the beach, or maybe just the massage...

    301 days and counting!

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    Tom, that was a cute "jab" at Peggy. Just remember, payback can be brutal "dear". Hope to see you both in November.


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    Richie, are you already booked for Nov?

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    Default Hope to see you too

    Thanks for the support Richie. Look forward to seeing you too in November... 2011 that is. Hell I look forward to seeing you in 2020 as well lol... I just hope that by then they have made the island wheelchair accessable lol. Maybe they can open a nursing station under the tower next to the bowling alley.

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    We are already booked. Nov. 10-22. And we're going to miss you again. We get the day you leave. Two ships passing in the night. Maybe next year.


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    Default Response

    Too bad Richie. I'm starting to think you guys book after us so you don't have to listen to my howling in the piano bar.

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    By the time you get to the piano bar, I'm heading for bed. But maybe I'll try to stay up and come in and hear you howl.

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    Richie, When Tom starts howling at the piano Bar, I usually kiss him good night and head off to bed myself.(having given him instructions " DON'T wake me up when you come in")
    We usually book the first week in Nov that has the 5th in it. We plan our vacation around Mike & Beth and Kelly & Greg's anniversaries.It's become tradition now, for the past six years.

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    Default Nov 8-15

    Just booked at CTI. Thinking about deep sea fishing. Maybe horesback riding. Looking for some fun couples to hang out with.
    Don and Tracie

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    Posted in wrong folder, sorry
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    Well, it isn't very much of a list, but it's a beginning. By the time the fall arrives, I'm sure the list will grow. If there is anyone that would like to become the recording secretary and keep the list updated, feel free to appoint yourself.

    warren.cpl (names?) Oct. 31-Nov. 4
    Tom & Peggy Nov.3-10
    Don & Tracie 8-15
    Richie & Syl 10-22

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    Jason & Kathy (formerly known as warren.cple!) Oct. 31-Nov. 4
    Tom & Peggy Nov.3-10
    Don & Tracie 8-15
    Richie & Syl 10-22

    Boy, if this list doesn't get much longer in 267 days, I'm going to think we'll just about have the resort to ourselves...

    Plane tickets: bought
    Reservations: paid off
    Time left: 267 days, 10 hours, 00 min, 20 sec

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    I have no doubts that this list will add a lot more names by the time November rolls around. There are a lot of couples that don't know about the MB. So you have to factor that in as well.

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    Jonathan & Melissa
    We will be home again Nov. 4-14th. Can't wait. It seems like November of 2010 was a thousand years ago. Will be great to see everyone again.

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    I know just what you mean. We can't wait to get there. The time we are there seems to pass in the blink of an eye. Then the agonizing wait for the next trip. The November trip is only a scant 256 days. Give or take a few.


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    Default Where is Everyone?

    Where the heck are the November people? I know its 2/3 of a year away but lets get this thread bumped up a few notches. Who else will be at CTI in November?

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    It always seems as though no one else is going to be there. But we know that isn't the case. We have to get our April trip out of the way. 45 and going down. Then I'll start looking for more peiple to sign on to Nvember.


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    Booked our airfare for our 2011 trip to CTI with Air Jamaica this week. Watching air faire climb, decided it was time. Ended up paying only $40.00 more than last year, $776.00 R/t total for the two of us.
    Also took advantage of the early booking deal for 2012 and booked CN for 11/1/2012 - 11/8/2012. Decided to try the other side of the Island for a change.That $100.00/month Loveaway Plan makes it seem almost painless.

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    Newbies here-we just booked CSA for our 25th Anniversary celebration-we will be there Nov 4th-11th. Don't want to wish the year away but very excited (we've never treated ourselves to anything like this before )Woo Hoo!
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    sorry-wrong board

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    Default We Get A Bump

    LOL this post finally gets a needed "bump" and it's from someone that meant to post on CSA MB!! Come on you November Nomads where are you? How about Don & Cindy are you guys on board this year?

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