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Thread: December 2011

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    Default December 2011

    First visit to CSA had several bumps, but we are going to give it a go again. Anyone else? Nov.29-Dec.6 then over to CSS for a week. Melody.

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    Long , long time til December of 2011 , but we are booked also. Randymon got us with the special again! We will be at CN Dec. 5-12 and then over to CSA for a week. In the meantime we are booked for CSA this December for 12/03 to 12/14 and are going to CSS next month on the May 18. Larry and Judi

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    ZAZU you were are neighbors at CSA 2008, believe you were celebrating 50th wedding aniv. Looks like you will be at CN when we are at CSA Hoping to do trading place and going over to CN, we will have to meet for a drink. Melody

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    Monica and I will be there from 10-18 Dec 2011. Randymon got us too , but I think we're a pretty easy target. Not sure when we will book for 2012 but since it will be our 5th anniversary, I'm sure that we will be there over the 17th of Dec. 600 days and counting.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Mike and Monica,

    One year we are going to have to get it together to be there the same time as y'all... We're on the day after Thanksgiving for eight days schedule now.

    Jeff & MB

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    My husband Craig and I will be as CSA from December 10-17. We got hooked for the special also, what a great deal! I'm already excited thinking of all the spa treatments and massages to get We got married there December 16, 2005, so will be there for our 6th year anniversary! So excited and can't wait!

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    Yes , we were nieghbors. We will be going again in December of 2010 to CSA .

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    My husband Dave and I will be at CSA Dec 16-23, 2011. We usually go the the week before, but had to move it back this year. I am sure we will be upstairs with Ultimate Chocolate the entire time. Dave loves to sing with Ulti.

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    Greg and Dari will be there Dec 2-10,2011. Randymon got us with the great special also!!!

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    We fell for the special also. We're booked with two other couples for Dec 3-10, 2011. We wanted to return this December but we all couldn't make it. A 365 day delay won't be too bad...YEAH RIGHT! Barb & Steve, Sue & Joe and Karen & Jim will probably be resuming our beach position between the bar and the water sports shack. We hope to get a few more couples to join us by then. Hope to see some of you there!

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    Greg and Dari - we can go swimming in the pool!
    Tom and Jill.

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    csa-vet does this mean ya'll will be with us Dec 2011 also!! Looking forward to Dec 2010 and Dec 2011. And yes, we can go swimming in the pool! Greg and Dari

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    Yup, we'll be there both times. Bad pennys always return!

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    heh tom

    its the free t shirts that keep bringing us back


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    The 365 day countdown finally begins until we're at CSA celebrating my birthday. Can't wait to hear that phrase on December 3rd next year..."Welcome home!"

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    Michael and I have already booked 2011 as well. Dec. 11th - 21st...Love those specials. See you two in 2010!

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    We just returned from our CSA December 2010 visit. A long wait til next year, we are doing it a little different in 2011, a split, CSS 11/29-12/2 CSA . 12/03-12/06, and CN 12/07-12/13. Too much truoble trying to decide between CSA and CSS we love both places! This will be our first trip to CN. Larry and Judi

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    We spent Christmas this past year at CSA and suprised my husband with a return trip next Dec. for his Birthday! We'll be back at CSA Dec 9-17th but trying to add another day...........just hate to leave once we get there! :-) Birthday party on the 10th! Drinks on us!!!!!
    Recieved confirmation! new dates are Dec 9-18th! yeah us!!!
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    Maxine & Rich from, Long Island, NY just booked CSA for 12/12/11-12/22/11
    Will be 2nd time to CSA, 9th time to all Couples resorts and 21st time to Jamaica
    We will be celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary when we are @ CSA

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    Maxine & Rich,
    Congrat's on your upcoming anniversary! Would love to toast one with you both, maybe meet up at the piano bar? We'll "buy" :-)
    329 days to go !

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    Sorry we will miss you guys. Wayne and I head over to CSS on the 6th for a week. Are you going to CSS this trip?

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    Randi & Sherri Charlotte NC
    11-19 Dec 2011
    13th time to CSA

    Soonecome Porkchops!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    We are booked for CN/CTI split Dec. 10-24, 2011. Still deciding on 2012, since we are planning on attending a wedding in April 2012 at another resort in JA. Who knows? Maybe DH will be retired by then!

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    We were going to CN for the first time next December, but after a lot of thought we changed it to CSA and CSS. This will be our fifth December at CSA. Second to CSS. We are booked for November 30-December 07 at CSS and December 07-14 at CSA. Already counting the days!
    Randi&Sherri: Were you wearing a "Millers " hat last December?

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    Yes that was me wearing the miller hat. We were there from 4th to the
    12th last dec.

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