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    Default questions regarding split

    So we are doing a split between CSS and CSA. We don't mind taking the bus transfers out to CSS and back from CSA at the end, but I'm looking at alternatives for inbetween.
    I know we can get the bus transfers inbetween the 2 resorts, and we really don't mind the drive, but I am thinking this may take quite a bit of time, especially if we have to wait at the airport for people to fly in.

    Has anyone flown between the 2 areas? Did you use Tim Air? Since their rates aren't on their site I emailed and they gave a quote for a private charter. Sounds very nice, but naturally it's not cheap for that!! I was wondering if there are other options?

    How about a private car? It would be $200 but I imagine we could use part of our resort credit. Anyone done this? Worth it? It would only save time by not having to even go into the airport. Plus then we could leave at checkout instead of fitting in with people's flights.

    If we fly, and it's so quick, what about the fact that there's 4 hours between checkout and check-in. Can you start using the second resort's facilites just as if your flight came in early?

    We have awhile to figure it out, but I thought I'd see what others did. Your input would be appreciated, thanks.

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    I remember reading a post a while back that said that they requested transportation between one of the Ocho Rios resorts to one of the Negril resorts. They asked for & got a 6:00 AM departure. The van did not stop at the airport and because of the early time they were the only people on the van and it made the trip in a little more then two hours. At 6:00 AM there is no traffic

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    We've done a split between one of the Ocho Rios resorts and CSA 3 times. The first time we took a puddle jumper, was quick and it was cool to see the island from that vantage point. At the time it only cost us $160 total. Well... times have changed, when I priced the flight for our next split trip the cost was crazy so we arranged and paid$120 for a private transfer. Then before our last split trip a few months ago I read on the board that someone was able to get a direct transfer at no cost. I emailed CSS and sure enough... they set up a direct transfer(no stopping at the airport) at no cost to us. We left CSS around 7am and were at CSA by 10(i think). And yes.. you can start using the resort facilities as soon as you get there.

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    "Can you start using the second resort's facilites just as if your flight came in early?"

    Of course you can!
    We don't bother leaving Ochi until we are up and have had breakfast. If you leave at 10-11am - you don't hit traffic either- you are in Negril by 1-2:00- even with a stop if you want to make one. Our room has always been ready when we arrive at that time.It's just easier to sleep in and go, then check right into the room and get settled.

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    Thanks everyone for the replies. It turns out that the deal with the air is that for $107 there's a scheduled flight from MoBay to Negril, but no such flight between MoBay and OR. So the cost of the charter for the OR part, plus 2 people MoBay to Negril was more than the private charter for the whole trip (which was quoted at $626 btw). They were very prompt and friendly in their replies and I'm sure it would be an amazing sightseeing trip, but... that is a lot of extra cash.
    I think I like the idea of getting out early from CSS on the switch day and just heading to CSA to start enjoying the second resort. So I think we will go with the private ground transfer... even better if we can get it at no cost!!! That's awesome! We are switching from one of their resorts to another of their resorts, so it does makes sense. That's yet another thing I love about Couples. They're so great about customer service. Honestly, I think I'm as excited about seeing the smiling faces of the friendly staff again as much as I am just being back at Couples and the beach and beautiful Jamaica. It just wasn't the same at another resort or on a cruise.

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