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    What a glorious week! CSA just gets better & better w/each visit home. We had the best of intentions about posting live, April 1st thru the 8th, but the beach had our undivided attention and we never made it into the Great House to post. Our apologies for that! The week was in a word, perfection. No issues to report but then we never have issues when we go home anyway. CSA & her personnel opened their loving arms to us once again. We had the pleasure of reconnecting with many of our friends: Stacy Ann, Delroy, Peter, Kevern, Kadean, Horatio, Kurt and Donnery to name but a few and met new friends like Kareem & Martino. The weather was awesome, the service was exceptional, the food (no matter the restaurant) was fabulous, and the beach is a miracle in itself. We didn't do a heck of alot except soak up the sun and hang on the beach. We did go snorkeling though and Marlon & O'Brien took great care of us. This was a special and most memorable visit home for us since 2 of our BFFs went with us. It was pure joy to see Jamaica, Couples, and CSA through their eyes as this was their 1st vacation in JA. This holiday was a magical experience for them and we were so thrilled they joined us for a week in paradise. They now understand why we keep returning time and time again. We also met quite alot of folks (newbies & repeaters) who were also enjoying their holiday @ CSA. It was more than obvious everyone was having fun in the sun... As always, Elvis was on the beach as was Cosmo. All the 'usual suspects' who also roam & work the beach's edge were around: Cigarette Man, Shell Man, Danny, etc... The strolling musicians were also great! I'm surely forgetting something here so feel free to post questions. This was our 7th trip to CSA and again, we had a super-duper trip. Now we'll need to work on a return trip later in the year!


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    Sounds awesome! I have about 9 weeks until our first trip to CSA!!! Reading your post makes me so excited

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    Completely understand the no live posts!!!! Can not wait to head back..

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    OK, now that is not fair! We are already envious of you because you just experienced a Couples vacation but now we learn you get to go back later this year and do it again!! Some people are just lucky. No really, enjoyed your thread.

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    Argh! I also forgot to mention our sweet Mae who's working @ the Sports Bar across the street. She's preggers and is about to deliver the end of this month or sooner. Thank you for the replies folks. I got a big goofy smile reading them. Heck, just thinking of CSA & all her charms puts a goofy grin on my face. When you all do get back home, ENJOY & RELAX. Oh, and have a rum punch for me! Love ya! Razzl

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    Glad you had a great time (as usual!). :-)

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    How long before your scheduled flight home did you have to leave CSA?

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