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    Default CSS room category choice.. second guessing myself

    feel free to link me to a prev. thread that discusses this.. I searched back a few pages and couldn't find it.

    We're a younger couple getting married at CSS in June. We have booked a one-bedroom beach front, because I love to have a bathtub.

    However, recently have been looking at other visitor's photos and can't deny the beauty and lushness that you see from other categories.. I saw recent pics taken from the D block and thought "that's what I want!"..

    I can live without a bathtub, right? I can use a hot tub if I get the need to soak.. (Somehow I bought a house without bathtubs, so whenever I'm on vacation I want to be able to bathe).

    We dont' mind stairs at all... in fact think it might be nice to help work off all the great food and drink we're sure to partake in.

    So.. what is recommended? Stop whining and stick with what we have booked?

    or switch?
    and if we do switch.. do you all recommend the one bedroom ocean or the deluxe veranda?

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    We booked the Ocean Verhandah (first time ever to go to a Couples) - i was told that some rooms have the large walk-in shower and some rooms have the tub/shower combo).
    I hope to get one with a tub, too, but it really doesn't matter.

    Just sayin' if you want the rooms in the cliffs, some do have tubs.

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    We stayed in a beach front jacuzzi suite the first trip, and a penthouse in block D the second trip. Personally, for us, there's no contest!! The stunning views from up in the cliffs are worth it all!! We have scouted out the room we want for our next trip, G16. It is a one bedroom ocean suite, large balcony with double lounger, walk in shower with 2 separate sinks in the bathroom, and one amazing view!!!

    As you can tell, our vote would be for you to switch! Yes, if you want to soak, slip into one of the many hot tubs there!

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    Firebrand, I understand what you're going through because I constantly second-guess myself, but I vote for: Don't sweat it. The one-bedroom beachfront is the next-to-highest category (before the penthouse), so if you arrive and find that you'd like to switch to a different room, I can't imagine that they wouldn't be accomodating (unless they're full). All rooms have advantages and drawbacks.

    If you do decide to switch, I'd suggest dropping down to the one-bedroom ocean. Some of the veranda suites are very lovely, but some are quite small and may be a bit of a hassle for a wedding.

    Just my two cents!

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    This is why I told hubby I wanted the Prime Minister suite :crossesfingers:
    I'd love to have my jacuzzi tub, but in a penthouse

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