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    Default CSA: To go beachfront or not to go beachfront...

    We are coming back to CSA for a third time...this time it is to get married! We are so excited!!! Anyway, the 1st time we stayed in a Garden Verandah Suite...the next trip even though we requested a GVS they put us in the Great House (which really did have a hotel feel...we would've perfered the GVS but it was a good experience) and this time I was wondering if it was worth it to splurge for the Beach Front Verandah Suite. I am so torn because it would be a pretty big upgrade. Is it really worth it?

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    YES! We have been there 2 times, both in a BFVS. 1st time on 2nd floor and 2nd time on 3rd floor. I know it's alot of money but so worth it. You have the beach and ocean right in front of you. It's absolutely amazing. We are going back and that is the only type of suites we will ever get. Joy

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    I really don't know if anyone else can really answer this one for you. You are going to get alot of different views on what is worth it!!!

    We have always stayed in a beachfront veranda suite. On our first trip to CSA I surprised my husband with the trip and wanted a beachfront room, as we had never stayed in one before. We fell in love with it and have stayed in one each time since. We love the fact that we can sleep with the veranda doors open each nite and hear the waves crashing. So peaceful and relaxing, it is worth every penny we pay for it!!!

    Now, other people will say that you are not in your room that much so they would rather save the extra money and maybe stay a few extra nites with the savings. That is not an option for us as our work schedule only allows us so much time off and we want to make the most of it while we can!!!

    To each his own, good luck deciding!!!

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    We are going there to get married as well. And i did not upgrade becuase in all reality, you only sleep there. When i really thought about the actiual time spent in the room that we may have, it wasnt worth it to me. Although, this is our forst time there. So how is the GV? Thats what we are booked in. When are you going? We will be there 04/17/10-04/24/10

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    First off, congrats on your wedding!!! I say, if you can afford it, go for it. Even if you never get to stay in a BFVS again, it would have been something special for your wedding. Whatever you decide is fine b/c you're getting married in the place on earth...CSA!!!

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    Our first trip we stayed in a BFVS and really enjoyed it. In fact so much, that it is the room category of our choice for our next trip. We go with the feeling that book the category we want not the one we would hope to get upgraded to. Also, we stay the maximum amount of time we can due to work schedules and such. Enjoy......

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    Quote Originally Posted by inthestix View Post
    We are going there to get married as well. And i did not upgrade becuase in all reality, you only sleep there. When i really thought about the actiual time spent in the room that we may have, it wasnt worth it to me. Although, this is our forst time there. So how is the GV? Thats what we are booked in. When are you going? We will be there 04/17/10-04/24/10
    Congrats! Only a few days left! We won't be there until Nov 2-11th. I really loved the GVS. It was exactly what I expected. But when you are on the resort you envy (or at least we did...both trips) the people with the BFVS. We initially booked at the GVS grade to save some money but I think we now have it in our budget to I think my parents are staying beach front so I will be so jealous the entire time! And actually, we were in our room more than we expected (not a lot but just more)...I loved sitting on my balcony eating breakfast looking at the sea (when we were in the Great House). I guess I have made up my mind but I love to hear other people's points of view You will not be disappointed in the GVS!

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    We're booked in a BFVS in July and trying to decide what floor to request. For you guys that have stayed in BFVS multiple times, what preferences do you have? I know the requests can't always be granted, but I think i'll put one in anyway. I'm leaning toward first floor.

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    Gish - congratulations on your wedding. We have stayed in a BFVS on our four trips to CSA. To us, it is worth every penny. You simply will not get closer to the beach at just about any other resort for the same amount of money. Most places charge way more than CSA for a beachfront room.

    We also think it's worth it because although we don't spend a lot of time in the room, we love waking up in the morning to our rooms service breakfast and enjoying the view on the verandah while we enjoy the wonderful fresh fruit, coffee, and juice. Sheer heaven. Bob also likes to hang out on the verandah during the late afternoon to get out of the sun. He enjoys a few beverages from the mini bar while relaxing in the cool breezes created by the ceiling fan.

    I love to lay on the couch and watch the sunset, with the best views coming from the third floor. How often do you take the time to watch the sunset when you're not on vacation??

    When I wake up in the middle of the night, I love to go on the verandah, look at the sea and the beautiful lights of Negril. Sometimes I lay on the couch at night and just listen to the waves. We go in January, so we always sleep with the verandah doors open and listen to the waves from the suite, too.

    Well, if you can afford it, go for it! If you had room envy before, you know that it will be worth it to you.

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    Definitely book the BFVS! SPLURGE it is your wedding! We got married there in 2005 and were lucky enough that us and two of couples arriving with us got upgrated from an Oceanview to a Beachview. We got the free upgrade the first time and have never gone back to even considering booking less. Consider the extra money money you would have spent on tips and excursions at another resort if you want to justify it! Have a great wedding!

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    Default's definitely worth it

    When someone says "you're not in the room that much"
    they probably weren't in a Beachfront room enjoying the sounds of the waves on the shore, or watching every sunset from their balcony. We love the BFVS and find we spend more time on the balcony than anywhere else
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    It really is a matter of budget, preference, and even expectations...

    You've been there, you've seen them. So you know what the location is like. We happen to prefer the Atrium area, although the times we've gone beachfront have been VERY nice. Getting off the main walkway, as you know, things get quite a bit quieter.

    Good luck!

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    I say upgrade. Not because I think the BFVS are so much better than the other VS but because until you stay in one you will always wonder no matter what the people on this board tell you. And your wedding seems like the time to do it.

    I also had the envy the first time we went and were in the GHVS. The next time I splurged and got the BFVS and while it was nice, I don't need to get it again. I'm now happy with the OVS (no potential of road noise, minibar and tv). I do still envy the people in the two rooms in the old section with HUGE balconies and if I could guarantee one of those two by booking the BFS, I'd definitely splurge again.

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    yes yes yes yes yes. Definitely worth it. We stay in the BFS's when we can afford it, and the atriums when we just can't quite justify it.

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    Just returned from CSA - stayed in a BFVS - third floor. We felt it was worth every penny and when we return would absolutely do a BFVS again. It was very quiet. The 1st night they overbooked the BFVS so we were put in another room (not sure what kind) and when we moved to our permanent BFVS the 2nd night - we were thrilled...

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    Beach Front is the ONLY way to go. I am a people watcher so I love the front row seat. A word of warning....once you go BF, you will never go back!!!!!$$$$$

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    Just make sure if you upgrade that you don't get a BFVS right next to your parents. That might be a little awkward Congrats on the wedding.

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    BFVS Room 4121 was perfect !!!!

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    Several years ago my wife and I booked into an Atrium suite and were upgraded to BFVS. It was during the construction we were the first to stay in that room. We loved it. The best thing was retiring to our room at about 6 pm and watching the sunset every night. I remember calling to her and saying "the show is about to start." It was great. However, is it worth the extra money? Well, that depends on how much. We had previously stayed in the cheapest room in the house and this year we were actually in an Atrium Suite. We loved them all for different reasons. They just have a very different feel. So it really depends on what the price differential is. They are all wonderful, but I suspect that the next time we go back, it probably will be to a BFVS.

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You only get married and I say yes it's worth it. We r booked for CTI 09/2011 and we booked a suite for the frig and minibar. Even though we may not spend that much time in there, that's what I wanted and my husband said go for it. We r both drinkers and we want to be able to drink while getting dress, taking a bath or shower or just sitting on the balcony watching the stars. It's what u want and it's your honeymoon. That's a license to splurge. So, I say yes pay for the room and have a great time.

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    We are in a BFS on the second floor now and it is LOUD. VERY VERY LOUD! The night after the beach party we were up until 630am when it finally quieted down. We are close to the Palms so we get that noise and the carts that are in some serious need of some WD-40 that they wheel by early in the morning. I don't know what was going on after the beach party. I couldn't really see what was going on but there was a lot of crashing, something that sounded like huge pieces of plastic being slapped together and really loud talking. I walked outside to see on earth was going on and there were some ladies sitting on a short wall by the path talking and laughing really (REALLY!) loudly. Then a guy came walking down the path and they started yelling to him. It was 5am! Usually I cannot really hear people talking outside the room. I can sometimes tell someone is out there but it is like quiet white noise. You have to really make an effort to be loud for me to be able to hear you like that. Maybe if you got a BFVS that was on the third floor it would be quieter. There also isn't any glass in my windows so that would make a difference if there is glass in the BFVS. It seems a little quieter on that side too so it might not be as bad. There are boats and a lot of activities down here. Since I do not sleep well at night here I try to sleep late and it doesn't work since it is loud by 8am. The view is awesome though. It is a beautiful room but I still prefer the Atrium suite.

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