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    Default One question about Room service??

    I read the FAQ's and did not see anything about room service at CSA! Is there toom service there? My fiance and I love to eat meals on our own room! If not, can you take food back to your room? Thanks

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    The only resort that has true room serve is CSS. CN and CTI offer a continental breakfast in bed.

    You can take food from the Patio back to your room. The others are not set up for take out.
    Irie Mon

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    The only room service you can get at CSA is a continental breakfast in the mornings. It would consist of coffee, delicious pastries, a fruit plate, juice and maybe a few other choices if you wish. There are cards on the back of your door that you need to fill out and put on your door knob the evening before you want your breakfast delivered. It is so nice!!!

    Yes, I believe you can take food back to your room if you wish.

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    If you have your heart set on room service, you might want to consider CSS.

    The continental breakfast room service at CSA is wonderful. We ordered it 7 out of 10 mornings on our trip in January. It ALWAYS arrived in the alloted time frame. Mostly we just wanted the delicious coffee and some fruit before our morning work out.

    Also, Sea Grapes will wrap up the chips so you can take them back to the room.

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    We've taken a late dinner from the Beach Grill (CN) back to our room. It was awesome though I little weird feeling. I felt like I was fleeing a restaurant without paying. But the cook said "it's all good, no problem mon."

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