Thursday morning. 9:15 Bright warm sun and lots of wind.. It was howling all night and continues this morning. Hence, all the water activites are on hold including the island. This will probably be my one and only post. Unless we get more wind tomorrow.

Things are just as everyone remembers. The sights, sounds, smells surround us. Friendly, happy, smiling staff buzz about assisting all the tired eyes of the early riser.
Staff that are gone: Merna, waitress, Ulysee, Shackalee, Ava. She is not working at the lounge. She has left Couples and has moved on.
A number of trainees are new, but pretty much everyone else is here.

The resort is running about 85-90 % full. But even with all the people here, you don't have any feeling of being crowded. It's all good.

Today is the first day since we arrived on Monday that has been so windy with pretty high waves. For Jamaica anyway.

Syl has gone to do some shopping with a friend ours that lives here. I'm unattatched for the time being.

So far every day has brought lots and lots of sunshine, laughs, stories, friendship. With a lot of the April Amigos arriving over the next few days, we are back in full swing.

Stay well. Take care of each other.

Every ting Irie mon.